Dear Tow Truck Driver

Dear Tow Truck Driver,

I'm sure most people you deal with in your line of work are… unpleasant.  Probably not your biggest fans.  Probably hate you, actually.  But tonight you made one little boy happier than you can possibly imagine.  In this house, you are the Santa Claus of all things that go vroom.

My Camden, like lots of little boys, is obsessed with trucks.  No matter how loud Sesame Street is blaring, he hears those rumbling motors and rushes to the window to watch them pass.  Mondays and Thursdays {trash and recycling} are his favorite days of the week, and we often sit in our driveway forever waiting to see if the garbage trucks will loop back down our street.  You'd think we were waiting for the Disney Electrical Parade or something.

Tonight after dinner Cam heard a truck, and he did his tippy-toe dash out the front door with me on his heels.  Right across the street, yellow lights flashing in the dark, was your tow truck picking up some poor soul's sedan.  

Camden sat down in the driveway and clasped his hands, eyes wide.  "Guck!  Honk honk!"  It's impossible not to smile at the wonder and amazement over such a simple thing.

Though it was too dark to see your features, I knew you noticed us sitting there.  Staring.  Eeeeh, not awkward at all, right?  Just keep working, we'll be staring at you.

After fifteen minutes of watching you do your job, I asked Camden if he was all done and we could go inside.  He shook his head hard, "NO!"  Translation: Mom, are you crazy?  Do you not realize this is a genuine, full-sized TRUCK we are dealing with?  And it has a CAR on top of it?  What's WRONG with you????  Have you no heart?

Okay, okay, so we sat there, and I watched the flashing yellow light illuminate Camden's enthralled face for another ten minutes.  Finally, you climbed up in the truck and put it into gear.  Camden immediately started waving and saying "Bye guck!"

As the truck rolled past our house, Camden's entire night was made when you beeped that horn.  He jumped up and down and yelled back, "Honk honk!"  Biggest smile of the day, right there.  

As soon as you were out of sight he signed with his hands and said, "Moe guck.  Moe guck.  Peas."  {More truck, please.}  As you can see, he greatly overestimates my telepathic capabilities.  

In fact, if I had any at all I would have used them let you know how much that honk honk meant to a mom.  Because when his day is made, mine is made.  Thanks for that.  

Mom of a boy

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