Babes & Baby

There are some friends you may not talk to every day, but you know the minute you're together you'll be transported to your younger days and it will be like you were never apart.  That's these girls {and Sydney, who we missed!}

The catch to this girls' trip?  Camden got to tag along.  

Although we stayed up late snuggled on the bed laughing our heads off at Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds, and although we laid out under the sun on the sand and talked about dreams and disappointments, just like the old times in college… Camden would tug on my hand and remind me how far I've come and how much I've changed since then.

The life of a mom revolves differently.  But luckily the girls didn't mind the pace, and jumped right in on the fun.

Camden clearly had a great time going down the slide.

The security guards tracked down Brittany and told her the slide was only for children.  We laughed.

Milkshots became a nightly ritual, as did cookie eating.

Camden looked like quite the stud, walking between these beautiful ladies.

One day two weddings took place on the beach, within view of our balcony.  The energy was high and the music was loud.  Every time we stepped outside there was music, and Camden would break into dance without hesitation.  Whether we were headed to dinner or to the pool, any time was a good time to dance it out.

 Love these girls to pieces, and am so glad we got to do this quick trip to Rocky Point.  Everyone needs a little beach therapy now and then, both babes and babies.

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