I recently stumbled upon this gem, penned by Roy.
Even though I have no idea what project this unfinished paragraph was originally intended for, I immediately realized it was just too good to trash.  Best to publish it on the Internet.

When I first started dating my wife in undergraduate school and she told her friends I was a political science major, prior experience must have left a dark mark as they immediately asked, “He’s not annoyingly opinionated is he?”  My parents would probably say yes. Unlike my outrageously long toes, my political curiosity and ideology were not hereditary. So, in the spirit of full disclosure I will just come out with it, for better or worse… I am a conservative. Please don’t tell my professors. All kidding aside, one of the most exciting elements of law school is the diversity of opinions and depth of ideas. I have really come to a deeper understanding of what that wise man, Anonymous, meant when he said, “No slice of cheese is so thin it doesn’t have two sides.” 

This boy makes me laugh like no other on earth!

So proud of him and everything he is doing right now.

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