Pumpkin' Pickin' with G&G Buck

You could say I'm a spontaneous person.  Like how I re-packed our summer clothes in Pinetop and was off to Utah without a camera or a coat.  (Prioritized in that order, of course.)  I also ended up chopping off a foot of hair on a whim.  But I'll get to that later…

Utah was in the process of transforming when we got there.  A very dangerous time for a desert dweller to visit, because I found myself looking at house listings like we would move there.  Ah, to have seasons.

Even though it was beautiful, autumn was not what brought us to the beehive state.  Grandma and Papa Buckmaster were visiting Leah, Jamie, and Danny Jay, so we thought we would do a little surprise visit so we could all be together.

Leah was in on the secret, so Camden and I showed up at the Carpenter's and waited to surprise Dennis and Laura.  When they walked in the house, Camden was in the living room and I was in the doorway to the kitchen.  Just like, "Oh hey!"

Fun times!

The next day we visited a farm near SLC.  AKA, toddler heaven.  My phone had to suffice for a camera, so this post isn't 30k pictures long (tragedy, I know!) but trust me when I tell you there were a ton of smelly animals that Camden adored.

Every time he saw an animal he recognized he pointed and made the sound.  "Moo!"  "Baa!"  "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Grandma taught him how to feed horses, which he thought was pretty awesome.  And Camden led Papa around all over the place.

These cousins crack me up...

 Both boys enjoyed the hayride.  Camden was pointing and saying "tree!" like it was straight out of a fairytale.  Pretty sure I saw a unicorn out there…

Who doesn't love to get lost in a little hay maze?

And finally there was the pumpkin picking.  Camden decided to count all of the pumpkins… which goes something like this: One, two, three, two, three, two, three, two, three 

Papa helped him find the very best pumpkins.  One for him, and one to take home to Dada.

Camden sure loves these guys, I wish we could see them more often.  
It was a wonderful kickoff to the Halloween season, spent with some of our favorite people.

Also I want to note the good news, which is now Facebook official so I'm allowed to post this… right?  Right??

I wedged myself in the car between Camden and Danny Jay's huge carseats, and Leah said, "What do you think?  Is there enough room for one more carseat back there?"

Immediately I'm all wigglin' my hips, thinking perhaps they plan to pick up another child.  "Yeah, I think it might be tight, but you could probably get away with it," I concluded, not at all understanding the delirious look on Leah's face, or why Kirsten was on FaceTime smiling at me like she knew something.

"Good.  Because I'm gonna need it," Leah said.  And kept giving me a wide-eyed look like she might burst at any second.  I'd seen that look before.

"Wait, WHAT?!"

"I'm having twins!!!!!"


Yup.  That's basically how it went down.  Camden's going to have two more cousins in May, and we could not possibly be more excited!

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