General Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend has really become something of a holiday for our family.  We get excited when we realize it's approaching, preparing ourselves for some great spiritual nourishment, and we plan to be with family and just hunker down the whole weekend.

We went the extra miles (literally) this time and decided to return to the Pinetop with Grammy and Papa.  Camden is too young to understand the broadcast, so it was good for him to have a new environment to entertain him while we absorbed the messages.

And between sessions Dad treated us to a round of golf!
You guys… I really suck at golf.  It's bad.  But we still have so much fun!

 One highlight of the trip was finding a bat in Grandma and Grandpa's master bathroom.
Yeah, great fun!

After I found it lounging in the shower Dad came in armed with a paper bowl and plastic cup.  As soon as the thing turned it's little hear toward me I was outta there.  Happy that Dad was there to save the day.

Camden and I were still healing from our sickness… but that boy bounces back much better than I do.

Must sit as close to Papa as possible...

 And then on Monday we decided to send Roy home with my parents and Cam and I drove straight to Mesa to spend the night at my friend's apartment.  She took us to the airport the next morning and we were off on another adventure.  Hee-haw!

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