The Tiger Says RAWR

The Tucson Zoo used the have polar bears when I was growing up.  I always wondered why they looked so sad and yellow.

The poor things were either transferred or… let's just say they were transferred to a zoo in Alaska, shall we?  And in their place were a couple of grizzly bears, which Camden was pretty stoked about.

The next best thing?  Feeding carrots to a giraffe.

We had Charlie occupying the stroller, so Kirsten spent much of the time as Camden's personal chauffeur.

Camden's at the cusp of the optimal zoo-going age.  The tiger was cool, but the peacocks!  We had to watch him, for fear that he was gonna jump right on top of one and ride it around like a pony.  Thankfully there were statues to ride.

And things to climb.

Grammy met us there!

She took him to see the peacocks up close, since he was so fascinated by them.

Clearly it's about time to get an annual pass.  Too bad we won't have Kirsten with us all the time to take so many great pictures.

Charliegirl and Camden.  It's love.  {Unprompted hand-holding is my favorite.}

Still scrambling to catch up on the summer, but keep cool.  It's coming.

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  1. You guys look like you had an amazing summer! All these fun trips!