The One and Only Cousin

When I was a kid, my cousins were my best friends.  On both sides of the family, whether they lived near or far, my cousins were built-in buddies that just got me!

Maybe that's why I make such a big deal out of this sweet Danny Jay.  These boys are gonna be friends for always.

And best friends always match p.j.s.  Duh!

When the Carpenters came down to visit Tucson, we made sure to celebrate Danny Jay's first birthday. A month early, but we knew it was our only chance.

We also went swimming.  Which, for these boys, is a mix between insane fun and torture.  Exhibit A:



"I'm gonna get you!"

Don't let these sweet faces fool you...

They actually don't get along very well right now...
But that's just 'cuz they don't know they're cousins yet.

And because Camden has a hard time sharing his food…

And also thinks it's funny to pour water over Danny's head...

But they were able to have some bonding time at the Pima Air and Space Museum.  Jamie's dad was there to tell us about the aircrafts.  Good thing, 'cuz otherwise I'm not sure I would have learned anything.  Chasing toddlers doesn't leave a lot of room for reading plaques.

The biggest hit was the wagon.  Especially for Camden, who liked to tote the other toddlers around behind him.  Kid got muscles.

Had a tender moment when I recognized the type of aircraft my grandpa flew in WWII over Germany. What an amazing man.  Miss him.

I didn't actually get a picture of the one Grandpa flew.  {I know, I know, total fail.}  But there were a lot of cool planes.  Camden wasn't as into them as I thought he would be.  But then again I'm sure he was like, "There aren't airplanes, you crazy people.  Airplanes are two inches long and fly in the sky."  Haha!

It was awesome getting to see Leah, Jamie, and Danny Jay twice in one summer.  We love them.

There were a few times the boys weren't stealing toys or pushing each other over.  And in those moments, I saw the beginning of a freakin' awesome friendship.  

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