Missing Kirsten

Some horrible plague has hit our house, thus my nightstand is buried beneath NyQuil bottles, tissue boxes, and cough drops.  Ugh.  Best thing to do is look back on better times, when we were healthy and happy.  And when we had Kirsten.  Oh, those were the days...

This was our visit to San Xavier del Bac.  The last time I'd been to the place was when Roy and I first moved down to Tucson from Springville.  It's crazy how many wonderful, awesome things have happened since then...

Camden, the little trouble maker.  He had some kind of fascination with this window seat.  Kept banging the tired old wooden shutters, and making the museum curator come back and glare at us.

Of course we had to take Kirsten to the Pecan Store, because that's one of the two touristy things to do directly in our little town.  We got a pie, 'cuz how can you not?

The everyday is where I miss Kirsten most.  I love kids, I love Camden and Charlie and all of their sweet friends.  But having adult conversation throughout my toddler-filled day was incredible.  Not to mention I had an extra set of hands willing to help me out in a crisis!  Kirsten… come back.

One of our last days we went to the Mesa Temple.  The last time Kirsten and I were able to attend the temple together was both of our first times.  So it was a little extra special going together, and right around our four year anniversary of being endowed!  

While in Phoenix we go to meet some friends for dinner at Olive Garden.  I love this girl.

Just days later we had to adjust to life without Kirsten as she headed back up to Alaska to teach.  The first two days were't easy for this little guy.  He would ask for her, or when he would see a picture of her he would get all excited.  We just didn't know what to do without her.

Now Camden is just left with me and--let's face it--that might not be a good thing.

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