Independence House Party

My parents are out of town and I'm throwing a huge pool party.  And I'm 25 years old, just in case you mistook me for a 16-year-old just now.

We invited friends {who were actually in town} to make the trek into Tucson for a BBQ and swimming to celebrate Independence Day.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sahuarita has some really awesome people in it.  <3  <3  <3

Happy fourth of July!  {These popsicles were about as patriotic as we got this year.}

Little kids were napping in different rooms all around the house, and bigger kids were turning into prunes in the pool.  I was getting a third degree sunburn and sweating my face off, but that's July in Arizona.  We had so much fun with our friends.

At the end of the day most people headed back south.  However, a couple of friends hung back shared their firecrackers and sparklers with us.  We put Camden to sleep at sundown, but next year I'm sure he's gonna love all that sparkly, booming and crackling fun.

Also worthy of note; that evening was when Kirsten showed up.

And, per the norm, she brought the rain with her.  Monsoon season was actually impressive this year, and lasted clear into the end of August.  The added cloud cover meant more time playing outside.

Even though wet droplets falling form the sky was a bit concerning at first...

Camden eventually came to associate rain with dancing, and we danced all through the monsoon season.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Wish we could have joined you!!