To Grandmother's House We Go

With everything so up in the air with Roy's employment, it was clear he wasn't going to be able to make it to visit his family this summer.  Sad.  But that wasn't going to stop Cam and I from heading up to Oregon.  Have I ever mentioned that Newport is one of my favorite places on the planet?  And that I have the best in-laws on the planet?

It was sure to be an awesome trip, as long as we could survive the plane ride.  And I wasn't sure if we could.  I was freaking out.  I researched every article online about toddlers on airplanes, gathered as many tips from friends as I could, scoured Pinterest for more ideas, and packed my carryon with enough snacks and toys for about twenty children.

That carryon was so loaded, I had to use both feet to smash it under the seat in front of me.  It was a spring-loaded disaster waiting to happen.  And guess what?  It stayed down there the whole flight.

Had to take this shot to prove the miracle was true.  He slept in my lap!  And when he woke up toward the end of the flight, all he wanted to do was slide the window shade open and shut, open, shut, open, shut.  It probably annoyed the people around us, but I figured that was preferable to screaming and crying so I didn't stop him.

Aunt Kelsey and our cousin, Calvin, picked us up from the airport, and soon we were driving through the lush landscape toward the coast.  Every time I looked back Camden was just mesmerized by the greenery.  He'd never seen so much color flying past his window.

He fell asleep toward the end of the drive, and I was sure that if we woke him up he was going to be cranky.  Hesitantly, I got him up and brought him inside Grandma and Grandpa's house to say hi to everyone who was awaiting his arrival.

The kid must have known he was among family. Instead of being cranky, he switched onto hyper-mode and ran circles around everyone and everything.  He immediately re-fell in love with "Grrrrandpa" and Grandma, and had the time of his life throwing balls around with all of his aunts and Uncle Jamie.  I guess it's pretty easy to be in a good mood when everyone around adores you.

We got to stay in Newport for a week and a half.  Although we missed Roy, we had such an awesome time.  I know Camden is always going to be so excited to visit our Buckmaster family.

Even though Camden is enormous, he's something of a gentle giant.  Danny Jay, on the other hand, tends to be a bit of a firecracker.  Nine months younger, and many pounds smaller than Camden, Danny was still able to not only hold his own, but take what he wanted from Camden.  It was kind of hilarious to watch.

Aunt Kelsey feeding breakfast to two ravenous nephews at once.  Everything was a competition with these boys.

And then there was sweet Millie.  Enduring all of the ear-tugs and tail-pulls for the whole ten days.  Sweetheart.

Camden loved taking Millie on walks.  I think he felt pretty cool.  We took a walk every day because it was too beautiful not to.

It was also on these walks that he learned what the crow says.  They seemed to be everywhere around the neighborhood.  Ever since, Camden will tell you that every fowl says "ca-CAW!"  Even chickens.

What Cam did not love was the beach.  Poor kid was still genuinely terrified whenever we approached the roaring waves.

But he was happy as long as we held him close.

Danny Jay tasting the yummy sand!
{Pictures first, intervening later.}

"A guck!  A guck!"

Hiking to Drift Creek Falls.

Those tiny specks on the bridge are Leah and Jamie.

The water was frigid.  I videoed Kirsten wading through the water and climbing the logs, just in case she fell and we had something to send to America's Funniest Videos.  Just in case.

Cousin bath time!  That sweet smile on little Danny Jay is killer!

Aunt Leah gave Camden a much-needed haircut.  

We took that handsome haircut and Danny Jay out to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and visitor's center.

And then there was the best day of Camden's life, the day we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  It's the equivalent of Disneyland for an 18-month-old.  This boy was all over the place, Kirsten egging him on every step of the way.


The boat slide, over and over and over and over… that is a good Grandma, right there.

Camden thought this tufted puffin was the funniest thing.  Every time it flapped it's wings and shook it's head in the water, Camden giggled.  Got it on video for the Buckmaster Disaster Video Archives.

We loved it so much we went back for more.  This time with a smaller crowd; Grandma and Aunt Kelsey.

Aunt Kelsey also took Cam on his first fishing expedition.

Most of the time he was more interested in scaling the hills, but by next year I'm sure he'll be dying to reel in his own fish.

We reeled one in!  Cam was obviously concerned for the fish's wellbeing.  I was concerned that the fish squirted blood onto my jeans, but hey.  It's all part of the fun, right?

Driving around the Oregon coast is never dull.  And usual involves chocolate-covered smiles.  And eyebrows.

Grandma and I took Camden to the library for story time, and we visited the cutest toy store called Sandcastle.  Another favorite was going to this park by the beach to feed the birds.

Loves his grandma.



And RUNS ALONG THE BEACH!  All ingredients for a perfect summer vacation.

Including these two dudes.  Can't wait until these two can really start developing a lifelong friendship.  Cousins are the best!

Camden learned how to pick raspberries.

And he ate a ton of them.

We had the best french toast in the United States, and I sent these next two pictures to my family back home, because they know of the goodness.

Some of my friends were surprised that I would be willing to spend so much time with my in-laws without Roy.  That made me realize how lucky I really am to have such great in-laws that I'm not only comfortable around, but love to hang out with!  We could have stayed there all summer.

At the airport we grabbed a hat for Roy, who had grown increasingly depressed that he couldn't be in Oregon with everyone.  Roy is such a mama's boy.

But that state roots deep in the hearts of those who have lived in and love it.  It's easy to see why.

We're ready to go back!

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  1. Loved this post. Those are two CUTE little boys!!!