Summer 2014

School buses are rattling up and down our neighborhood once again, and yet on this blog I'm barely skimming the surface of our summer!

A summer that's been filled with melty popsicles, hose water, and the constant smell of sunscreen.  Lots of exploring of cause and effect, and trying out new words.

Guck = Truck
Ah-guck = I'm stuck
Tay Too = Thank you
Coo-kee = Cookie
Dee = Again
Nooooooo = The current favorite word

Oh, and my current favorite is "Teese!"  = Cheese

This summer has been all about the music.  Songs like Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree and The Wheels on the Bus are big, because he loves doing the actions.

If I don't get his clothes off fast enough, he just hops in.

In June I took on a new babysitting job.  Two weeks a month we get to play with our little friend while her parents are at work.  These two are pretty much brother and sister now - in every good and bad way.

I imagine it's a lot like having twins, since they are only months apart, and so there's been a bit of a learning curve when it comes to going out in public.  But they love each other.  Whenever she is upset, Camden gets upset.  And whenever Camden is smiling, she claps her hands and smiles back.

We seriously love her.  And she's a good sport for putting up with us...

Camden's new favorite thing to chow down on?  Chocolate chip cookies.  He "helped" me make them one day.  And ever since, when he sees me cracking eggs into a bowl he squeals, "Coo-kee?!?!"

"Mom, these are AMAZINGGGGG!!!!"

Father's day was celebrated at my parent's house, in all of our bed-head glory.

I sure love all of these current and future fathers.  Each of them make my life fuller, richer, and funnier.

I'll spare you all the spiel this year, but just know that Roy is simply the best.  He just is.  In every way, faults and all, I love him with my whole heart.  Watching him be a dad is one of the coolest blessings I've ever had.

"The most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home."  - President Harold B. Lee

A true highlight this summer was having Roy's sister stay with us for a month.  We miss her so much!  You should hear how Camden asks for her...

I loved having adult company while going through our days of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and puzzles and naps.  Camden was soon asking for her, rather than me.  In fact, in the pool he would really rather be with Kirsten because he knows she won't make him practice floating.

We went on a couple of fun vacations and had other visitors, and all of those events will get their own separate posts.  But as a whole, this summer has been amazing.  Every day Camden is more fun, more vocal, more adventurous.  He can count to three, and can identify and say four colors.  He loves the movie Frozen, and dancing in the living room with his dad to rock music is just about the coolest thing on the planet.  He could eat fruit all day long, especially "nanas" = bananas.  He still sucks his thumb when he's tired, and still snuggles me randomly throughout the day.

I'm soaking up the last of this baby before he disappears and I suddenly have an awesome two-year-old.

And that's him, calling me from his crib as we speak.  Time to stack some blocks and race some cars!

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