East Coast Post - Six Flags

Even though museums and historical sites are awesome, sometimes you just feel like hitting up some roller coasters for a day.

Our day at Six Flags was cold and rainy, which meant that we were some of the only people in the park.  And I'm not exaggerating one bit.  We jumped over and ducked under all the line dividers to get straight to the next coaster.

Occasionally there would be a short wait for first row, though.  Thank goodness the middle school groups showed up, or I think we seriously would have been the only people there.

Here is Roy on one of our favorites: Bizzaro.

It was bizzaro.

I actually got stuck on that one after our first ride.  For a minute I thought they were going to make me ride it again but all by myself!  Luckily an employee noticed me struggling to get out.  Kirsten couldn't stop laughing.  And I couldn't stop laughing at her later when Daffy Duck decided she was his waltzing partner.

She was trying so hard to ignore him.  And for the rest of the day it seemed like all of the characters were after her.

One particular coaster had it in for me.  It was called the Mind Eraser, and it rattled my head real good. I guess that's the mind erasing process?  Anyway, I was a little queasy from that one for a while.

But other than that it was great.  We hit up every ride, and our favorite ones we did 2-3 times.  I especially love the dropping ones.  

Afterward we found a strange little restaurant located in a couple of old houses.  I don't remember what it was called, which is unfortunate.  But it had an interesting Polish menu.  And pizza.  Kirsten went Polish, and Roy and I… we went with pizza.  A perfect end to a theme park day.

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