Roy Buckmaster, Esq.

Graduation day arrived along with 99 degree weather.  While Roy was lined up with his peers in an air conditioned building, all dressed in their weird robes and hoods, I was chasing Camden throughout campus.  In heels.  I've never seen that kid so insistent on hurtling into fountains and busy streets. 

When we were finally admitted into Centennial Hall I snagged a row of seats for the family.  All Camden wanted to do was go back outside, so I was desperately looking for ways to entertain him.  Almost immediately some lady usher came over and began harassing me about my stroller.  I said, "I've got sweat dripping down my back, and I'm wrestling a wriggling toddler into submission, do ya mind???"

Okay, no I didn't say that out loud.  

But when she wasn't looking I collapsed the stroller and shoved it under our seats, just in time to stop Cam from bolting up the isle.  Needless to say, I was grateful for the appearances of Grammy and Papa.  {Side note: Camden has started calling my dad Papa.  Melt!}

The lights go down, and someone starts playing that (in)famous graduation melody on the piano, and robed graduates start walking down the isle, one at a time.  Got a shot of Roy.

The rest is really your typical graduation.  There were two student speakers, a dean who rambled a bit, and then this old guy.  

Don't remember his name… I'll add it here later after reviewing the program.  But whoever he was, we all were feeling the warm fuzzies by the end of his speech.  In the meantime, Mom, Dad, and I rotated who took Camden out into the hallway to play on the steps or run around outside.

The one time we tried to get him to sit with us in the auditorium, we thought feeding him some snacks might make him content.  Oh he was content.  And he showed that by making lots of yummy noises and growling like a bear every time we went for a bite.  So that was kind of embarrassing, haha!  Silly kid!

So while he spent most of the time banished outside of the auditorium, I made sure he and I got to see Roy cross the stage when his name was called.  I've rarely seen Roy so cloud-nine-happy.

He did it!!!!

That night my parents took Camden home with them so Roy and I could go out with friends to celebrate!  We had a great time out at this Italian restaurant downtown which we had never been to before.

A few nights later we celebrated with dinner at our place with some more of our friends who also graduated. It was a perfect evening for waffles out on the back porch, with discussion on uncertain yet bright futures.

Then we played ping pong on our kitchen table with the Smiths late into the night.  That's right, I said ping pong.  And it was pretty hilarious.  We went from playing normal matches to inventing new, more challenging games.  By the end of the night all four of us were racing around the table in a circle, hitting the ball with our hands.  Trust me, you wish you had been there.

The next week it was Zac's turn to graduate!

Baby bro is done with high school.  It blows my mind.  And it's just plain cray cray my parents are about to be empty nesters!

Check out the fabulous decorating job Roy and I did on Zac's car for him.  A work of art, I tell ya.

Happy for both of these guys to be moving onto new phases in life.
For us…

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