Roy the Ninja

Wrote this post yesterday.  Wasn't brave enough to post it.

The whole world is holding its breath today.  Or at least our whole world is.

In exactly four hours and twenty-six minutes we will find out whether or not Roy passed the Arizona State Bar Exam.  He's nervous.

We had plans tonight.  Not big plans, but plans.  And this morning Roy asked me to cancel them, "Because if I fail, I want to wallow in pity by myself."
"If I pass, we're going out to celebrate."

And so, my friends, tonight will either be fantastic or incredibly depressing.  But I've got my pom poms and I'm full out cartwheeling and high-kicking for team "PASS!"  Because if Roy can't do it, no one can!

But seriously, Roy's an awesome example of hard work.  When it comes to school and studying for the bar, I mean, I've never seen someone more dedicated and focused.  Just looking at the thickness of those beastly books he's been memorizing makes me want to chuck myself in front of a speeding train.  But not Roy.  He's an academic ninja.  Black belt.

So I'm not worried.  Cautious enough not to post this until after we find out the results.  But really not worried at all.

Wish us luck...


The last sixty minutes before the results were posted I was slightly worried Roy was going to pull all of the hair out of his head.  To save his hair, he tried to keep himself busy.

"I'm gonna clean out the garage!"
(And now the trunk of my car is filled with junk to donate, and I can walk through my garage without feeling like I'm playing hop scotch.)

"I'm gonna pull some weeds!"
(And now our trash is full of branches and our yard is trimmed and decent.)

Obviously next time I need some work done around the house I just need to stress out my husband to the point of insanity.  Bam!  Kitchen cleaned!

Cam, Roy, and I were in the living room (which was freshly vacuumed, thank you Roy) when 4:30 struck.  Quietly, Roy got on his phone and started skimming through a list of names.  Apparently only 65% passed this test.  Pressure on.

The print was so small, and he was so frazzled, he couldn't find his name.  His heart sank when he thought he wasn't on there.  But then…

He leapt off the couch and did the most hilarious jumping victory dance you've ever seen.  I thought his head was going to hit the fan, he was soaring so high, just screaming "YES!  YES!  YESSSS!!!" and punching the air.  Maybe he's more than just an academic ninja.  ;-)

I waved my figurative pom poms, and we both plopped onto the carpet with the biggest sense of relief.  Camden must have sensed the victory, because suddenly all he wanted to do was hug Roy over and over again.  Cutest boy!

Even though I still couldn't get parts of Roy's hair to lie flat, we went for a night out on the town.  We grabbed a last-minute babysitter and headed up to California Pizza Kitchen, followed by some loitering around the mall, like a couple of teenagers pushing curfew.

On the drive home we googled the origin of the word esquire, and talked about the future that's officially opened before us.  It's scary, how the rest of our lives hinge on these next few months.  Everything from where we live to who we associate with.  But it's exciting, too.

On a day like today, it's hard to see anything but sunshine ahead.

P.S. If you know of any job openings for an attorney… let us know!  Please.  Seriously.


  1. This is great! Congrats Roy! I remember when my mom took the bar. Back then the test results were published in a newspaper, so we were sitting in our car as my mom scanned the newspaper for her name. I can still remember the look on her face when she found her name- we just bounced up and down in the car. We were so excited! Thanks for sharing this story and reminding me of a story about my mom.

    1. Haha! That's so cool! When I saw Roy take to his phone I tried to tell him we should get on a big computer screen so we could scan it together, but he was too excited/nervous. Would have been fun to see it together, like when you guys scanned the newspaper!