Bottle Him Up

This boy has no idea how much he consumes my heart, mind, and soul.

98% of my smiles in a day are a direct result of his wonderful exsitence.  The way he runs on his tip-toes, the way he asks for a "cack-kah" (cracker) every three seconds, the way he frantically, hysterically laughs when he's being chased, the way he grabs my head and pulls me in for a big, slobbery kiss.  Really, it's more like he licks my face.  But I love it all.  I want to bottle him up and keep him this way forever.

His untamable bed head.

His wonder and curiosity.

How he loves to push things.  Grunting and wheezing to show just how strong he is (you know… attracts the ladies).

We love going to the Children's Museum in Tucson.

And not too long ago we went to the "Spring Fling" on UofA campus with friends.

The big, spinning, light-up rides looked pretty fun, apparently, but I convinced him to wait a few years.

The only ride Cam was actually tall enough for was the carousel.  It took him a moment to warm up to it, as you can see.  I'm not sure he trusted the tiger I was perched on.

But with Daddy standing right there with him, he was soon smiling from ear to ear.  Once the ride was over he had a mini-meltdown when we took him off his steed.  A good sign that he loved it, I think.  Also a sign that we had kept him up past his bedtime, haha!

I love his obsession with golf balls, basketballs, volleyballs.  He calls a ball a "bah," and asks for one throughout the day.  Just to throw and chase, as he's always done.  But the most fun is to throw it from the top of a hill or a flight of stairs.  Then run down and get it, bring it back to the top, and repeat.  This boy loves repetition and patterns.

He likes to knock on doors using only his pointer finger.  He's very careful about it.

What kid doesn't love balloons?

There's no time to stand still anymore.  One of the funniest things he does is run around our house in a circle and laugh hysterically to himself.

He will also tell you the sound a monkey makes, "Ah ah!" and a snake, "thhhh!" and learns to say new words every day!

Cinco de Mayo at the park with friends in our ward, Cam got to hit a piƱata.  The Mexican food and games were so fun, but Roy and I had to switch off visiting and chasing Camden around the park.  Busy boy.

When Daddy is gone he will often find this picture and point to it, saying "Dada!"  His unconditional love and admiration for us is one of my favorite things in the universe.  Someday, Cam, you're going to realize we are far from perfect.  But we will always love you to our greatest, fullest capacity.

Since I can't bottle him up, I'm writing it all down.

This boy.  He has no idea how fiercely he is loved.

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