3 Easter egg hunts
2 Easter parties
100,000,000,000,000 grams of sugar

I am all sugared out.  Who knew that was possible?  I guess that's what happens when you have a sweet mom who still puts an Easter basket together for you. On top of that, a toddler who doesn't yet appreciate the classics like Pez.  Can't let those go to waste, right?!

In fact, our toddler didn't appreciate much about the holiday traditions.  Plastic eggs filled with candy?  With quarters?  With goldfish?  We tried it all, but got almost zero interest.  I think our mistake was pointing out all of the colorful eggs, opening them to show him the contents, shaking them, coaxing him to pick them up out of the flowerbeds.

If we had told him not to touch the eggs, I bet we would have had better results.  ;-)
The one time he showed a little curiosity, he seems to be wondering what all the hype was about.

I mean, what's the fun if the entire egg doesn't fit in your mouth?

But he didn't need eggs or candy to keep him happy.  He just loves spending time with his family, and Easter weekend was packed full of family. {Poor Camden is crying while shoving a blue Peep in his mouth.  Rough life.}

Saturday we got together with the extended Reay family.  Growing up, the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa's was a major highlight for all of the grandkids, because he hid $money$ in the plastic eggs.  Most of them had quarters and $1 bills in them, but I remember there being an egg with a $100 bill in it, to keep even the teenagers scrambling all over the yard.
Now the tradition is living on with the great grandchildren.  Man, I forgot what a good egg hider Grandpa Reay is.

Three plastic eggs later, Camden was done.  Apparently the stairs was the hoppin' place, because that's where he wanted to be.  Grandpa was so good to hang out with him.  I've never seen a boy so in love with his grandpa.

We spent that night at my parent's house so we could continue to spend time with them.  The next morning the Easter bunny had hidden everyone's baskets.

And we had an awesome french toast feast - decor by Mom, food by Dad.

And we gave the egg hunting thing one more try.

But then it was back to Gramps.

Cam's into playing ring around the rosies lately.  That wide, toothy smile when "we all fall down" just kills me.  Every time.

If we were allowed to hit pause in life, I'm pretty sure I would have taken advantage of that this weekend.  Family, perfect weather, good food, and sugar.  Does it get much better?

Easter means so much more to me than raiding my baby's candy basket.  This clip speaks so perfectly to how I feel about my Savior and my knowledge that because of Him I can live again and be with my family even after my time on this earth is done.  That knowledge brings my family and I joy and happiness every day.

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Elliot! Your baby is so cute.

  2. Thanks Alex, happy Easter! Absolutely love following your adventures on your blog!