April, I Love You

You know you're in trouble when the laundry pile reaches waist height.  It's getting bad around here.  The kitchen counter is suffocating beneath piles of junk, and I've been inadvertently grinding Cheerios into the carpet all day.  {Who am I kidding?  All week!}  But this, my friends, is exactly why I should be banned from reading.

When I'm in the middle of a really good series, I'm almost gone to reality.  It's lucky my kid even gets fed.
*Calm down, CPS.  Just check out his thighs.*

A few weeks into being a mama, I asked my own mom, "How do I find time to do my own stuff?"  Like there was some motherhood secret I was missing out on.  Truth is, hobbies are quick to take a back seat to raising a miniature human being.  I wondered if I was going to have to give up reading, running, writing, etc.

So if I could go back and talk to that frazzled, clueless new mom, I'd sit her down with some hot cocoa and tell her, "You just gotta take what you can get and love it."

If you want to read, do it!  Occasionally you should indulge yourself during nap time.  Just expect something's going to suffer.  Like housework.  And that's okay!  {Until the laundry pile reaches waist height.}
If you want to run/work out, get up before the sun and do it while your kid is asleep.
And when you're with your kid, be with your kid.  Because each moment really is precious and fleeting.
Can you tell I've been a little sentimental lately?

April does that to me.  All the emphasis on rebirth and growth makes me reevaluate my goals and analyze my priorities.  This month is one of my favorites.  It's right before it gets too hot to function outdoors, so we've been spending a lot of time outside.

Of course I couldn't let April Fools pass unnoticed.

Roy told me his drive to work that morning was pretty confusing.  Initially he thought all of the honking must have to do with some exterior issue with his car, like perhaps an open gas flap.  But when he saw a truck full of people laughing at him, he was totally perplexed.  He didn't see the sign until he got to work and went to inspect the entire car from bumper to bumper.


Thanks goodness that prank was a success, because my first prank of the day was a flop.  One of my husband's favorite quick treats are Oreo cookies.  So the night before I took a handful of cookies, scraped out the white frosting, and replaced it with toothpaste.  I would have gotten away with it if the toothpaste hadn't soaked into the cookie overnight, making it suspiciously soggy.  He totally caught me.

But on the bright side, all of the remaining edible cookies were left with a hint of mint flavoring.

Roy, my sweet Oreo-loving husband.  He's working crazy hard finishing school, working part time, and trying to find more permanent employment for the near {aaah! way too near!} future.

But he still finds time to be a stellar dad.

 ^^^ Haha!  But really, he's a great dad.  Just not very good at reading.^^^

This is Agua Caliente Park, near my parent's house.  When I was a kid, this place was a jungle.  A vast ocean.  Complete with raging river and wild animals.  They may have been ducks and turtles, but to me, a desert kid, this place meant adventure.

Now the natural spring has dried up, so the water is slowly disappearing.  I'm sad this oasis will be shriveled and gone before Camden can even climb its trees.  But we're going to soak in the moments and enjoy the beauty and adventure while we can.

One more thing April inspires me to do is some spring cleaning.  So… who wants to wash my baseboards while I read the Fablehaven series?  Anyone?  No?

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