Toddler Time

So Camden's a toddler.
Technically.  I mean, he does toddle, after all.

But somehow I missed the part where he crossed over from babyhood.  Where did the wrist rolls and the cooing and the flailing arms go?  Since when is he grown out of the baby clothes section at Target?  When did we get from this:

To this?

Right now it doesn't necessarily feel that time has flown, but instead that it has crept so slowly and stealthily as to escape my notice, while still accomplishing its dirty work.  Camden isn't a baby any longer.

Now he does big boy things, like follow simple instructions...  {"Go put your blankie in your crib, please.}

Shoots hoops...

Draws on his own… {yes, he has already tagged a piece of furniture with a pen}

Asks me to read him his favorite books {over and over} by handing them to me with an, "Aeth?" and then promptly backing up into me until I let him plop into my lap...

Thinks he can climb anything...

And watches Baby Einstein/Cat in the Hat in his own chair, usually with remote in hand.  Where did he learn this stuff, I wonder?  {<-Note sarcasm}

We are seeing a lot more bumps and bruises from tumbles and falls, but I figure that's good for him to an extent.  I try to let him make messes.  Be silly.  Make mistakes, and try again.

It's good medicine for myself as well, and the repetition has been working into my soul lately.  Make messes.  Be silly.  Take chances.  Make mistakes, and try again.  So I'm recommitting to my writing projects, am training for another relay race this summer, and I'm playing soccer again.  All things that intimidate me to a degree {fear of failure, uncertainty of future, dread of looking stupid, etc.} but anything that makes you truly happy is like that, isn't it?

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Do one thing every day that scares you."
And I think that's how you grow, by putting yourself out there.  I'd say I already follow this advice pretty well.  Nothing is scarier than parenthood!

But nothing makes me than these handsome guys:

Here are some iPhone pics of what we've been doing together lately.

Enjoying a full-fledged spring in our backyard and getting ready to replant our tiny garden.

Spending lots of time being silly at Grammy and Gramp's house.  They've been out of town and we've been hanging out at their home with Uncle Zac, who Camden adores.

 Just barely getting old enough to enjoy the zoo.  

 St. Patrick's day

Several times a day Cam begs to go outside to walk down the sidewalk.  Sometimes I push him in his stroller, but sometimes he just wants to walk.  Maybe you've seen us going up and down, up and down, stopping to wave at every passing car, to pet every dog, and to point upward at the sound of every plane.  It's a lot of walking.

Sometimes I wish he would push me in the stroller.

During a visit to H&M Camden stood up in the window with the mannequins and was all like, "What the heck is going on with these people?"
He was so interested, I suggested that he "hold his hand."  Cam smiled like that was such a silly thing to do.  But then, tentatively, he reached out and held that mannequin's cold, plastic hand.  Maybe you had to be there, but I just about died.

Gramp's birthday at Cheesecake Factory.  Camden double fisting it with the grilled cheese.

A whole day to ourselves in Gilbert, where we had one of my favorite trips to the temple ever!

 Hanging out with friends, both virtually and in person.  Oh, and Camden had to borrow a shirt from his sweet friend Elle.  So he had his first cross dressing experience.

Being an adorable toddler

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