Roomies Plus Baby

Our little family has been so busy, I find myself in an incessant game of catchup-on-the-blog.  So let's play along and talk about the weekend before last, shall we?

I got to spend the a couple days in Mesa hanging out with some of my favorite girls in the world!!!  I drove up early Saturday morning ready for a party, 'cuz we have that kind of friendship.  There WILL be partying, no matter the place, no matter how much time that has rushed past since we last saw each other.

And of course I brought my little tag-along.  That means I couldn't just shove a toothbrush and a fresh set of clothes in my purse and head out for an adventure.  Those days are far behind me!  No, instead it looked like I had packed my car for a trek across America.  But between needing a place to eat and a place to sleep, this kid just requires a lot of equipment right now.  And the girls didn't mind us rolling into the place like an avalanche of baby gear.

Poor boy was getting over a cold, so he was pretty mellow the whole time.  Or somewhere between mellow and flat out cranky.  This picture says, "Too… much… estrogen… get me outta here!!!"

Alas, Cam couldn't be spared the girly weekend because Roy needed to study for the fast-approaching bar exam, and I wasn't going to miss out on the reunion.  It's not every day Alicia flies into Arizona.    Also, us getting out of the house for a few days was quite beneficial for Roy.  In the final days before the test he was distraction-free.  And I was having a blast with ma girls!

The only blondie we were missing from our Blonde Bombshell Squad was Sydney.  My stage-of-life double.  Even though she was in Oregon, we were able to virtually be all be together through the magic of FaceTime {for the first time since my Tucson wedding reception in 2010}.  It was like old times, except for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song playing in the background at Syd's, and me occasionally disappearing to keep Camden from falling down the basement stairs.  Haha!

We couldn't bring Syd with us to Kneader's for lunch, sadly.  Miss that girl.  Love those sandwiches. 

After eating in the sun in the grass, we decided to go to the zoo, only to find out that it was closing early that particular day.  What are the odds?  Ugh!  But the day was redeemed by Riverview.  It's a great big park with a small lake, splash pad, and lots of jungle gyms.  We played like big kids on the giant Eiffel Tower jungle gym.

And Camden had fun watching all the kids {the real ones and us} and running around on the bouncy, rubbery ground.  He made some little friends, and also got a little obsessed with a slide that was just his size.  He wasn't happy to leave it behind, but we wanted to go out to dinner.  I don't remember what the place was called that we went to… something about a market… I just remember grocery carts used as decor, and white pizza that was really delicious once the bacon was picked off.

After we put Camden to bed in Brittany's bedroom, we baked giant cookies and spooned ice cream on top while they were still warm.  Perfect snacky food for a chick flick, right?  So we watched Austenland, which I'd seen before for a friend's birthday, and loved it.  Great book too.  I'm not even into chick flicks, but this one is gold.

Once the movie was over, and the hour was late, we started getting a little crazy like inevitably do when we're together.  The shake-face game had us doubling over in laughing spasms.  Basically you video someone shaking their face really fast, and then play it back in slow motion.  Yeah… we don't need alcohol to let go of our inhibitions.

Eventually we calmed down a bit.  We all got into our pajamas and made beds on the floor or on the couch, and talked deep and gratifying girl talk.  I couldn't keep my eyes open for some of it.  I think about two in the morning I was all but slipping off, since  I knew I was only going to get a handful of hours of sleep before Camden and I had to drive back to Tucson.

At some point Alicia asked me, "What does it feel like to think back to being single?  Because we always look forward to being married, having a family, and being where you are right now.  What's it like to look back?"

Honestly, the question knotted my stomach for a minute.  Because having a fun, carefree weekend  with old college roommates does make me miss the crazy, single college days.  You know, the two a.m. laughing on the floor frenzies, and the late-night girl talk.  And Roy might watch a chick flick with me, but I know he'd  hate every second of it.  {He'd probably fall asleep.}

But I'd never, ever give up what I have now.  Not for anything.  My husband, my son, my beautiful life  just keeps getting better with time, it really does.

"You just have to enjoy where you are," I said.  And that's my mantra for life.  Single, married, mama, empty nester, it all has it's unique beauty, and none of it lasts very long.  If you spend too much time looking backward, or too much time looking forward, you miss the now.  If you keep missing the now, you're missing life altogether.

So I'm enjoying now.  Enjoying my beautiful, hilarious, brilliant friends while cuddling the world's sweetest, most active little toddler, and cheering on my dedicated husband.  I'm truly loving now.

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