Mile Marker

On Saturday Uncle Zac was holding Camden while I was getting lunch ready.  When I was about done I said, off-handedly, "Let's say prayer."

Without missing a beat, Camden crossed his chubby little arms over his chest, ready for the blessing on the food.  My heart did a happy twirl, and I felt a warm confirmation that we're doing something right.  I've never specifically shown our boy how to pray, but he frequently sees us pray over meals.  He's watched Roy and I circle around him and kneel in family prayer at the end of the day.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew he couldn't understand what we were saying, or why we were folding our arms, and I might have wondered if he was too young to be included.  If it was pointless to try to get him to sit still for a minute so we could pray with him.

But that tiny moment, watching him fold his arms and look at me expectantly, was like finally seeing a mile marker during a race.  Like, "Oh, look!  I am making progress!  I've gone two miles!"

So two miles isn't very far in the grand scheme of marathons, and learning to anticipate prayers before meals isn't much in the grand scheme of life, but it's progress.  Every step gets you closer to your goal.  And my specific goal here?  To teach my boy about his Heavenly Father, and how to cultivate a relationship with Him.

During each prayer since, even at church today, Camden has folded his arms without any prompting from me.  And each time I smile, and realize that he's not too young.  That he's absorbing this world so fast, and I need to present the good, positive, happy, and important things in the forefront.

Even the little things like Nutella on toast!

And sweet music.

And {what Roy and my brothers will argue belongs in this category} basketball.

It must be because he watches his dad and uncles shoot hoops so often, but this kid is specifically enamored with basketballs.  We have a video of Zac picking him up to dunk it.  Seriously, he's a sponge!

And since we're on the topic of basketball...
Real quick, wanted to talk about how much fun we had with Lynn and Martin at the UofA basketball game against the Ducks!  This girl and I go way back, but we don't get a lot of time to hang out these days.  It was so fun to kick it with my favorite redhead, and to get to know Martin better.

Although I was getting some confused glances, I'm pretty sure the shirt was good luck.  Every time I've worn it to a game against Oregon, the wildcats have won.  But I had a UofA sweatshirt just in case.  You know, I didn't want anyone to throw rotten tomatoes at me or anything.

Can you spot the Duck fan?

Lynn snapped that hilarious pic ^ from across the stadium.  I think she might've been searching for rotten tomatoes…

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  1. Way to represent us well. And how dare they throw tomatoes at a helpless duck fan!