Man's Man

Pretty early on it became apparent that Roy was the favorite parent.

And I was like, "What?  Hold on, I birthed you, therefore I'm supposed to be the favorite parent until you're at least six years old!  So just stop!"  But alas, things very rarely turn out how I expect them to in this wild west of diapers and sippy cups.

Lately he's taken to expecting everyone to be "Dad."  If someone knocks on the door Camden smiles and toddles toward the door chanting "Dad, Dad, Dad."  If he hears footsteps he spins around and does the same chant, almost always disappointed when it turns out to be someone else.  (Including me, dang it!)

Camden is a man's man.  Not only have I come to accept it, but I kind of adore it.  Whenever we go to Story Time at the library, he immediately finds the one and ONLY man in the room and decides to crawl into his lap and become life-long buds.  All the grandpas who take their grandchildren to Story Time know Camden by name.  I love it {other than the part where I awkwardly try to get him to stop pulling on mustaches.}

Also, whenever we are visiting with friends he surpasses whatever women who want to fawn over him, and hangs out with the guys.  He'll just grab a pant leg, look up and be like, "Sup dude?"

His second-favorite guy on the planet is Gramps.  It's adorable how he lights up when he sees him.  Gramps is just the coolest.

Checking out the Gem and Mineral Show.

'Cuz I'm a boy, and I like rocks.

An older pic, but a good one.

Some other things we are loving right now:
- His smooth dance moves.
- His attachment to his (3) blankets.  If he sees one on the floor he immediately drops onto his stomach to snuggle with it.
- Whenever a vehicle drives past he always waves and says, "Aah!"  Needless to say, he's made the garbage man's day a few times.
- The current favorite game is find every ball {golf ball, rubber ball, basketball, exercise ball} in the house and hand them to me one-by-one.  This boy is busy, always stacking, collecting, chasing, pushing, tasting, testing.
- Snuggler.  Even though he's incredibly busy discovering the world around him, occasionally he will drop what he's doing, toddle over to me, and nuzzle his head into me, letting me know he loves me.  Drinking in these snuggles, smiles, and wonderment.

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