Bookworm Valentines

I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day!

With this boy, every day is sweet.  But Valentine's morning I wanted to make it a little extra sweet with a heart-themed breakfast.  Well, breakfast turned into lunch, as I'd overestimated my ability to chase Camden around all morning while simultaneously childproofing my parents' house.  Besides, Roy was too busy studying to notice he was hungry, and Zac got home from school in time to join us.

A beautiful rose from my Roy :-)

Valentine treats and toys left for us by Grammy and Grandpa Collett.

As soon as the gifts were unwrapped and the conversation hearts were broken out, Roy holed himself upstairs to study for the rest of the day.  

We'd anticipated this, so Roy and I decided to sprinkle a little Valentine love throughout the fourteen days leading up to the holiday.  We cut out paper hearts and kept them handy in plastic bags, so every morning for fourteen days we wrote something we love about our sweetheart and posted it above our bed.  OK, obviously Roy didn't do every day, but he has a bar exam to study for, his mind is a little frazzled right now, so I cut him some slack ;-).  Maybe he'll have a chance to redeem himself next year.  Tradition?

So Camden and I spent the day doing doing the usual.  Behold, the usual;

Exploring outside, finding every stair we can climb, every ball we can throw, and pointing out every bird or plane that flies overhead.  

Crafting.  We made a valentine for Daddy, which I'll post later.  Surprisingly, Camden wasn't a fan of having paint on his feet.  This is the boy who is constantly covered in dirt and slime.  But the valentine turned out adorable.  Thanks to Shellena for sharing the idea!

Chilling and watching shows.  Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are the two favorites these days.

Play in the bath with numbers, letters, and smart glasses.  {He's obsessed with glasses, still!}

And after I got him all snuggly in his footie pajamas, I left him with his uncle Zac for the rest of the night and forced Roy out into the open air.

Since we didn't have a lot of time {Roy's brain: study study study study study} we decided to do something quick, but fun and unusual.  Something we might have done back when it was just the two of us and we had all the time in the world, and were looking for random ways to fall more in love.

Thus, our title.  After a lovely dinner out, we went to a bookstore!  Ah, it's been so long since I've browsed the neatly stacked shelves of a bookstore.  The classics reprinted with gorgeous covers, the newly released teen section front and center, the cute children's nook.  Oh, it made me really despise technology and all of it's paper-thin convenience.  Why did electronics have to wrap it's tentacles around good old-fashioned reading?

Okay, enough ranting.  Time for bookworm valentines!  We did a kind of scavenger hunt, and I thought I'd share a few.

After browsing around, we headed to the cookbook section and looked for recipes.  We each picked a recipe that we plan to make for the other person.  For me, Roy knows it's all about meatless and delicious veggies.  For Roy, I knew pizza was the way to his heart.

We cozied down in the magazine section and found quizzes to test each other.  Roy tested my travel IQ.  I picked up Cosmopolitan, and I wouldn't suggest anyone ever read any part of that magazine aloud to a male.  Awkwaaaaaaard.

We went to the children's section, and each chose favorites from our childhood to read to each other.  Roy picked Bearenstein Bears - total classic.  For me?  Can't go wrong with There Was an Old  Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  In fact, you can't do better!  We ended up buying this book for Camden, and he immediately loved it.  Hands it to me multiple times a day to read/sing to him.

 To finish of the night, we browsed the poetry section for love poems to recite to one another.  Roy may have read his poem in the most passionate reader's voice I've ever heard- haha!  But even though he started out sarcastic, he ended up really liking the book he picked up.  Boy appreciates beautiful language.  He even considered buying a book of poetry to have in the bathroom.  :-p

Such a fun date, and Camden even got a souvenir.  I'd love to go back and do it again sometime.  Sometime when Roy's poor brain isn't so fried from studying 12 hours a day, six days a week.  Poor guy was a little tired.  I'm so lucky he's a good sport and still let himself have a little bit of fun amid the stress.

Pray for him, by the way.  He takes the bar Tuesday and Wednesday!
We are both so ready to have this exam behind us.  I know he will do great, he has worked so hard.

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