Bookworm Valentines

I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day!

With this boy, every day is sweet.  But Valentine's morning I wanted to make it a little extra sweet with a heart-themed breakfast.  Well, breakfast turned into lunch, as I'd overestimated my ability to chase Camden around all morning while simultaneously childproofing my parents' house.  Besides, Roy was too busy studying to notice he was hungry, and Zac got home from school in time to join us.

A beautiful rose from my Roy :-)

Valentine treats and toys left for us by Grammy and Grandpa Collett.

As soon as the gifts were unwrapped and the conversation hearts were broken out, Roy holed himself upstairs to study for the rest of the day.  

We'd anticipated this, so Roy and I decided to sprinkle a little Valentine love throughout the fourteen days leading up to the holiday.  We cut out paper hearts and kept them handy in plastic bags, so every morning for fourteen days we wrote something we love about our sweetheart and posted it above our bed.  OK, obviously Roy didn't do every day, but he has a bar exam to study for, his mind is a little frazzled right now, so I cut him some slack ;-).  Maybe he'll have a chance to redeem himself next year.  Tradition?

So Camden and I spent the day doing doing the usual.  Behold, the usual;

Exploring outside, finding every stair we can climb, every ball we can throw, and pointing out every bird or plane that flies overhead.  

Crafting.  We made a valentine for Daddy, which I'll post later.  Surprisingly, Camden wasn't a fan of having paint on his feet.  This is the boy who is constantly covered in dirt and slime.  But the valentine turned out adorable.  Thanks to Shellena for sharing the idea!

Chilling and watching shows.  Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are the two favorites these days.

Play in the bath with numbers, letters, and smart glasses.  {He's obsessed with glasses, still!}

And after I got him all snuggly in his footie pajamas, I left him with his uncle Zac for the rest of the night and forced Roy out into the open air.

Since we didn't have a lot of time {Roy's brain: study study study study study} we decided to do something quick, but fun and unusual.  Something we might have done back when it was just the two of us and we had all the time in the world, and were looking for random ways to fall more in love.

Thus, our title.  After a lovely dinner out, we went to a bookstore!  Ah, it's been so long since I've browsed the neatly stacked shelves of a bookstore.  The classics reprinted with gorgeous covers, the newly released teen section front and center, the cute children's nook.  Oh, it made me really despise technology and all of it's paper-thin convenience.  Why did electronics have to wrap it's tentacles around good old-fashioned reading?

Okay, enough ranting.  Time for bookworm valentines!  We did a kind of scavenger hunt, and I thought I'd share a few.

After browsing around, we headed to the cookbook section and looked for recipes.  We each picked a recipe that we plan to make for the other person.  For me, Roy knows it's all about meatless and delicious veggies.  For Roy, I knew pizza was the way to his heart.

We cozied down in the magazine section and found quizzes to test each other.  Roy tested my travel IQ.  I picked up Cosmopolitan, and I wouldn't suggest anyone ever read any part of that magazine aloud to a male.  Awkwaaaaaaard.

We went to the children's section, and each chose favorites from our childhood to read to each other.  Roy picked Bearenstein Bears - total classic.  For me?  Can't go wrong with There Was an Old  Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  In fact, you can't do better!  We ended up buying this book for Camden, and he immediately loved it.  Hands it to me multiple times a day to read/sing to him.

 To finish of the night, we browsed the poetry section for love poems to recite to one another.  Roy may have read his poem in the most passionate reader's voice I've ever heard- haha!  But even though he started out sarcastic, he ended up really liking the book he picked up.  Boy appreciates beautiful language.  He even considered buying a book of poetry to have in the bathroom.  :-p

Such a fun date, and Camden even got a souvenir.  I'd love to go back and do it again sometime.  Sometime when Roy's poor brain isn't so fried from studying 12 hours a day, six days a week.  Poor guy was a little tired.  I'm so lucky he's a good sport and still let himself have a little bit of fun amid the stress.

Pray for him, by the way.  He takes the bar Tuesday and Wednesday!
We are both so ready to have this exam behind us.  I know he will do great, he has worked so hard.

Mile Marker

On Saturday Uncle Zac was holding Camden while I was getting lunch ready.  When I was about done I said, off-handedly, "Let's say prayer."

Without missing a beat, Camden crossed his chubby little arms over his chest, ready for the blessing on the food.  My heart did a happy twirl, and I felt a warm confirmation that we're doing something right.  I've never specifically shown our boy how to pray, but he frequently sees us pray over meals.  He's watched Roy and I circle around him and kneel in family prayer at the end of the day.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew he couldn't understand what we were saying, or why we were folding our arms, and I might have wondered if he was too young to be included.  If it was pointless to try to get him to sit still for a minute so we could pray with him.

But that tiny moment, watching him fold his arms and look at me expectantly, was like finally seeing a mile marker during a race.  Like, "Oh, look!  I am making progress!  I've gone two miles!"

So two miles isn't very far in the grand scheme of marathons, and learning to anticipate prayers before meals isn't much in the grand scheme of life, but it's progress.  Every step gets you closer to your goal.  And my specific goal here?  To teach my boy about his Heavenly Father, and how to cultivate a relationship with Him.

During each prayer since, even at church today, Camden has folded his arms without any prompting from me.  And each time I smile, and realize that he's not too young.  That he's absorbing this world so fast, and I need to present the good, positive, happy, and important things in the forefront.

Even the little things like Nutella on toast!

And sweet music.

And {what Roy and my brothers will argue belongs in this category} basketball.

It must be because he watches his dad and uncles shoot hoops so often, but this kid is specifically enamored with basketballs.  We have a video of Zac picking him up to dunk it.  Seriously, he's a sponge!

And since we're on the topic of basketball...
Real quick, wanted to talk about how much fun we had with Lynn and Martin at the UofA basketball game against the Ducks!  This girl and I go way back, but we don't get a lot of time to hang out these days.  It was so fun to kick it with my favorite redhead, and to get to know Martin better.

Although I was getting some confused glances, I'm pretty sure the shirt was good luck.  Every time I've worn it to a game against Oregon, the wildcats have won.  But I had a UofA sweatshirt just in case.  You know, I didn't want anyone to throw rotten tomatoes at me or anything.

Can you spot the Duck fan?

Lynn snapped that hilarious pic ^ from across the stadium.  I think she might've been searching for rotten tomatoes…

Man's Man

Pretty early on it became apparent that Roy was the favorite parent.

And I was like, "What?  Hold on, I birthed you, therefore I'm supposed to be the favorite parent until you're at least six years old!  So just stop!"  But alas, things very rarely turn out how I expect them to in this wild west of diapers and sippy cups.

Lately he's taken to expecting everyone to be "Dad."  If someone knocks on the door Camden smiles and toddles toward the door chanting "Dad, Dad, Dad."  If he hears footsteps he spins around and does the same chant, almost always disappointed when it turns out to be someone else.  (Including me, dang it!)

Camden is a man's man.  Not only have I come to accept it, but I kind of adore it.  Whenever we go to Story Time at the library, he immediately finds the one and ONLY man in the room and decides to crawl into his lap and become life-long buds.  All the grandpas who take their grandchildren to Story Time know Camden by name.  I love it {other than the part where I awkwardly try to get him to stop pulling on mustaches.}

Also, whenever we are visiting with friends he surpasses whatever women who want to fawn over him, and hangs out with the guys.  He'll just grab a pant leg, look up and be like, "Sup dude?"

His second-favorite guy on the planet is Gramps.  It's adorable how he lights up when he sees him.  Gramps is just the coolest.

Checking out the Gem and Mineral Show.

'Cuz I'm a boy, and I like rocks.

An older pic, but a good one.

Some other things we are loving right now:
- His smooth dance moves.
- His attachment to his (3) blankets.  If he sees one on the floor he immediately drops onto his stomach to snuggle with it.
- Whenever a vehicle drives past he always waves and says, "Aah!"  Needless to say, he's made the garbage man's day a few times.
- The current favorite game is find every ball {golf ball, rubber ball, basketball, exercise ball} in the house and hand them to me one-by-one.  This boy is busy, always stacking, collecting, chasing, pushing, tasting, testing.
- Snuggler.  Even though he's incredibly busy discovering the world around him, occasionally he will drop what he's doing, toddle over to me, and nuzzle his head into me, letting me know he loves me.  Drinking in these snuggles, smiles, and wonderment.

No Sick Days

I know, I've been chucking posts out there like live grenades, but I've had a lot to say and no time to say it before now.  Precious nap time is being spent on these bad boys.

I'm currently writing from my parent's house, sitting at their desktop in their laundry room, sipping cherry flavored Robitussin.  Yelk!  Hopefully this stuff will get rid of this cough I've had for a week now, otherwise I'm swallowing this poison for nothing.

Let me just tell you, the rumors are true.  Roy and I contracted N1H1.  Swine Flu.  Luckily Camden was vaccinated, and he avoided the entire illness.  The only thing he has suffered from is boredom, being trapped in the house for a week straight.  That's why we're at Grandma's house.  Change of scenery, but I don't get any harsh looks if I'm coughing my head off.

News Flash: There are no sick days for parents!  You can't just call in sick and rest all day.  There are sandwiches to make, owies to kiss better, stray cats to chase, and baths to take... even though we felt like death.  On the plus side, Roy and I seemed to be on opposite schedules.  I'd say, "I'm on a down," meaning my fever was rising.  And Roy would pull himself out of his blanket cocoon and take a shift until his fever started rising.  We had a good thing going.  {And Camden was watching a lot of movies.}

After a heinous night in NyQuil limbo with the worst night sweats of my life {puddles} Roy and I decided to blow up the air mattress and have it in the living room in front of the television.  This was our home base.  Not only did we try to rest there during the day while Camden played nearby, but we slept there at night.  We popped Harry Potter in the DVD player and had it on, just in case we couldn't sleep, or we woke up drenched in sweat.

Even though it seemed to be really bad luck that we fell ill at the same time, it was kind of nice to have someone suffering alongside me in the wee hours of the morning.  You know, both of us shuffling around in pajamas we've been wearing for days, sharing medicine, commiserating with each ache and pain.  We let the house get messy, and very little studying was done.  We let ourselves dismiss everything, the whole world, but each other.  At one in the morning, with the second Harry Potter movie playing, Roy said with a weak smile, "I think we've gotten closer in all this."

I laughed, and then coughed myself into a coma.  But it's true, we grew closer.  For how miserable we were, that's exactly how I'd choose to have the swine flu.  With my love.

But we're happy we're getting healthy now, and will probably get vaccinated every year for the rest of our lives- haha!  Here's to health!

Big thanks to my dad, who came out for a few hours on one of our worst days and took Camden to the park.  It was amazing to be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep.