This is what started the walking.

Uncle Zac got Camden this little wooden train you pull behind you for Christmas.  Camden saw me doing it and decided he had to try it.  Those were some early unassisted first steps.

But after tripping over the train once or twice, he reverted back to holding pointer fingers.

Until one night when the missionaries came over for dinner.  The moment they walked through the door, Camden started toddling around.  Not kidding!

We encouraged his walking over the next few days with Fruit Loops.  Bribery is the best policy, right?

And now he won't stop walking!  When we were at the California Science Center, the crowds of people didn't phase him.  He'd toddle right between people, not hesitating to grab a stranger's leg if he felt off balance.  He wasn't easy to keep up with.

I love how he walks with his arms up like he's on a tightrope.  And how he sticks out his diapered bum to offset the weight of his enormous belly.  I love how he practically needs a runway to put on the brakes, because he has so much forward momentum.  And how stiff but deliberate his little steps are.

Every day he gets better and more comfortable, but I'm going to miss these early steps.

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