The Best Botched Trip

The Tietjen's used their persuasive superpowers to get us to come visit them in Anaheim, months before our previous vague plan.  We figured these kinds of trips will be few and far between after May, when both of these guys are graduated and working in the real world.  So what the heck!

Shellena wanted to see a live television show called Hot in Cleveland, with Betty White.  She told me the dates, but I led her to believe that we probably wouldn't be able to come out.  Roy and I are apparently still in a lets-surprise-people mood, so we only let Carson know our true intentions.  Roy texted him in a kind of hilarious code.  

We drove at night again, so Camden could sleep for the seven hours.  Around midnight we pulled up, quietly set up Camden in his pack-n-play in the dining room, and then crashed on the living room couches for the night.  Except it wasn't quite that easy.  For some reason Camden {who normally transfers pretty well in the middle of the night} was ready to party once we got him out of the car.  He's like "Bah?!"  Translation: What's goin' on dudes?!  Where's the party?!  He saw the dark silhouette of Carson drinking from a water bottle and Camden made his little sound he always makes for people when they are drinking.  "Ah!"  Like it's so refreshing.  Anyway, it took forever to get him settled down, but he did eventually.

In the morning, after Carson and Story came downstairs, I ran up and climbed into bed with a still-snoozing Shellena.  When the bed moved with my weight she jumped awake, alarmed, and then registered that I was in her bed.  Totally worth it to surprise her, she was pretty psyched.

This trip was different from the last because Roy had to work all day.  He would wake up, leave for the Chapman library, and study for the bar until 5 or 6 at night.  Carson went with him on most days, since he had his own projects to work on.  So we girls and the kids did our thang, going to parks and the pool and such.

But there was one particular day that Roy was supposed to finish up early, so we could go see the aforementioned television show.

The Botched Trip:
So obviously I'd had Carson secretly get the tickets earlier that week, and none of us thought to read through the information ahead of time.  Turns out you have to be at least 90 minutes early to the shows.  We tried to relay this information to the guys, who weren't planning on being back form the library until 3pm.  Unfortunately, they weren't able to get back much earlier, and the traffic to LA was crawling at the speed of a snail with vertigo.

To distract ourselves we looked at people in adjacent lanes until they felt our stares and looked over at us {very mature game}.  I saw the Disney Animation Studio from the freeway, which got me pretty excited.

When we finally got to Studio City, found the address, and pulled up, we had only 20 minutes to spare.  Still, the security guard with the French accent told us we were too late.  Boo.  Good thing we didn't spend any money on that.

So we drove down the street to have the best pizza I've ever had in my life.  I wish I remembered the name of that place.  While we were there we used my phone to try and find fun free/cheap things to do, since we weren't about to make that whole crazy drive to LA just for pizza.  Every museum we wanted to go to closed early.  Of course.  So we drove down to get a picture of the Hollywood sign.

Don't be too impressed by this picture.  This is us standing in front of a canvas photograph of the Hollywood sign.  The sun had already set when we were searching for it.  A brash old man on the street told me, "You don't read your brochures, do you?  It's not lit up at night.  There's nothing to see."

Oh.  Well thank you, kind gentleman.  And thank you, Hollywood movies, for falsely advertising that the sign is lit up at night.

So that was a nice drive through some random neighborhoods for nothing.  Shellena, whose foot was cramping from so much driving through so much traffic, told me to just find the nearest movie theater.  We would salvage this night!

I found a theater, but my phone was on the brink of death.  We prayed it would last because otherwise we weren't sure how we would find our way back to Anaheim.  So we follow the directions for five minutes and end up in Universal Studios.  The most expensive place in the USA to see a movie.  Don't go to that movie theater.

Unless you think it's worth almost $20 to sit in your own La-Z-boy while you watch a movie.  I mean, that was the most comfortable seating I've ever had.  {Trust me, we got our money's worth out of our experience that night.  Just trust me ;-).}

It was late when we got out of Universal Studios, so we blasted cold hair and danced like we were in a night club to keep ourselves awake on the drive home.  We made it home around 11:30pm and stayed up even later with the boys.  Really, it ended up being fun, but a totally botched girl's trip to LA.

There was one other day we got Roy to quit studying early, and that was for the California Science Center.  Another trip to LA, where we all crammed into the same car.  I think Carson regretted having to fold himself in half in order to sit back there.

We got to see the Endeavor Space Shuttle!  I saw that thing fly over Tucson on its way to LA, so it was cool to see it up close.

Camden and Story weren't as impressed.

That is, until the daddies picked them up to touch the thing the Endeavor was propped up on.  They got yelled at by some ancient looking woman in a visor, but it was worth it.

Camden also enjoyed playing with rope, seeing the tide pools, and any other animals we got to see.  And before you get to wondering... yes Camden is wearing girl shorts.  California was having a heat wave, and we had to resort to borrowing some of Story's old shorts.  Oops.

But his favorite was eating.  It's always eating.

Nights were fun because the kids slept upstairs and we adults all slept downstairs.  Roy and I on our air mattress and Carson and Shellena on the couch.  We played a very diplomatic game of Bonanza, watched the newest episode of Sherlock, made cookies in the middle of the night, talked way too late... the same stuff we always do when we're together.  The stuff that will never get old.
{PS-I made my first ever successful batch of cookies!  Thanks to my sensei, Shellena.}

Another highlight of the trip was going to the beach to watch the sunset.

Camden decided he didn't like the sand.  Not one bit.  Every time we tried to put him down he would panic, like it would swallow him up or something.

But we don't mind holding him.

We love these guys.  Of course, less than a day with them and we were already planning the next trip.  Now the pressure is on them to come see us!  Wahaha!  So come over, guys!

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