Into the New Year

We're twenty-nine days into 2014 and I still haven't declared a single resolution.  But who says you can't dedicate the entire month of January to serious molding and refining of your innermost goals and desires?  Instead of rushing to throw out some half-formed list of goals that I'd bury in a drawer and forget about between taking down the Christmas tree and lighting New Year fireworks, I decided to celebrate the whole month.

I remember making New Year resolutions with my family when we were kids.  We would each write a small list of personal goals for the year on a slip of paper, and then seal them in cute, individual boxes to look at the following year.

The next New Year's Eve would come and we'd all be eager to open our boxes to see what the heck we had written one year ago.  Every year was a comical, resolution face-plant for me.  Thus, I'm resolving to change the way I make New Year resolutions.

1 - No more lists for the new year.  From now on, it's one word.  Focusing and committing to one word a year will hopefully not only shape my year, but me.
2 - Display.  I'm going to put this word everywhere: framed on my nightstand, tacked onto the refrigerator, sketched onto our chalkboard… that way I won't forget about it.

And the word is… {drumroll please}

I aim for spiritual growth, to grow closer to my Savior, to grow in love and understanding for my husband, to grow closer to my extended family, to grow in scriptural knowledge, to grow and progress as a writer, to grow as a mother, and in turn help Camden to grow and learn.  No standing still for me this year.  I want to focus on growth in as many aspects of my life as possible.  One year has been long enough to get over the shell shock of motherhood-let's get our grow on!

Our actual New Year celebrations happened during our Utah trip, so let me throw you on back to Heber.  On the last day of 2013 Camden wished us all a Happy New Year and went to sleep at 7pm.

The rest of us stayed up for Costco pizza,

Poker playing,

And a miserably failed attempt to figure out how to play Settler's of Catan.

After giving up on that game, we lit some fireworks in the empty street and watched a hilarious comedy show called Studio C on the BYU channel.  


Glad there was a giant wine cooler for our sparkling cider.  Clear necessity.

It wasn't the most eventful New Year of our lives, but we enjoyed being with family.  The rest of the trip was awesome.  When we weren't on the slopes we were exploring Park City.  Naturally, I gravitated toward the historical sites and the informational centers.  Really an interesting place.

One chilly night we went to Midway to see the ice castle.  Camden was very interested in the color-changing ice and the waterfalls.  Other than feeling slightly claustrophobic in the crowded, frozen corridors, I thought it was fun.

Ice daggers overhead

Another night we got to see a little bit of Aunt Leah and Danny Jay.  That sweet baby showed off his brand new skill: rolling over.  Can't wait until these two boys are running around together.

That same night we played tennis with Leah, Kenny, Andrea, Mason, and Zac.  I've finally learned how to serve properly.  Roy and I decided we want to get really good at tennis and play into old age.

One more event of note here.  On an afternoon where Camden was particularly antsy to get outside, I took him on a short stroll around the neighborhood.  We headed down the street to say hi to the horses at the equestrian center, and on our way back I noticed someone walking ahead of us.  Gray hair, red scarf… WAIT!  IS THAT???

It was.  It was President Uchtdorf, the second councilor in the general presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  He was in a snowy front yard, messing with a lit up snowman decoration.

He probably saw me coming, with my big, hysterical smile on my face.  I was so excited.  He greeted me and I said, stupidly, "I recognize you."

At first I couldn't understand his response in his thick German accent.  I was also distracted by how tall he was in person.  Then he said, "I'm just trying to figure out how to tie down this snowman so he doesn't blow away in the wind."

I wished I'm luck with that endeavor, and told him how nice it was to see him.  As Camden and I strolled away he called, "Best wishes to you, I hope you have a happy new year!"  I had that hysterical grin on my face all the way back to the cabin.

When I wrote my sister of the encounter, she said, "I can't believe you didn't talk to him!  I would have at least asked him when Jesus is coming!"

HAHA!!!  Such a goober.

But Roy was also surprised I didn't stop and really talk to him.  So let me justify myself.  First of all, I was so giddy, and it was so cold, there was no way by brain was fit for intelligent conversation.  Secondly, it was an honor to see him, but I didn't want to corner him when he was at his own home in a gated community.  And he's a church leader and servant of God, not a celebrity to get an autograph from.  I mean, what was I going to do?  Ask him to hold Camden so I could take a picture?  Uh, no.  I wanted to leave him in peace.  But it was pretty exciting that I saw him.  And doing such a simple, everyday-type chore.

Once we got our fill of snow, we headed back to Tucson.  Camden was seriously a champ for those long 12-hour car rides.  Give the kid food and Baby Einstein and he's content.

Back to our 75 degree winter, thank you!

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