28 and Lookin' Great!

I'm dedicating a post separate from Christmas to my main squeeze.

Roy, I recently heard someone say that the definition of love is when being with someone makes you feel whole.  Without you I'd be missing the essential spark in my life-the one that gets me excited about small things, like staying in on a Friday night to watch Modern Family re-runs.  The one that makes me want to set goals and reach for my dreams, knowing you'll always cheer me on.  The one that inspires me to do more, to feel more, to search more.

A tiny gift from Camden: guitar picks, to help him play Camden's lullabies.  

I'm real glad you were born, 'cuz without you I'd be half a person.  :-p  I'm also real grateful to your parents for raising you to be the most honest, goofy, hard-working, lovable man on the planet!

Happy 28th birthday, ya hottie!  xoxo

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