Moo, Oink, Neigh - Camden's First Birthday

A party he won't remember, but we will never forget!

Trust Grandpa Reay to say it like it is.  "Do you think Camden's going to appreciate all this?" he said, waving his arm around at the cow print balloons, the windmill centerpiece, the cardboard barn scene.

My answer: he's going to see pictures.  Oh, will he see pictures.  He'll realize how talented his grammy, aunts, and uncles are.  For example, his Great Uncle Neil, a true carpenter, built this barn, while Debbie made the cute weather vane.

He'll see how his Grammy loved to make sure everyone was having a good time.

He'll see life, silliness, and family doing what they love together.

The big kids played a game called "Stuck in the Barn."  While the music played {since my phone wasn't loud enough I sang "Old McDonald"} the kids ran through the barn and around the outside and back through in a ring.  When the music stopped, whoever was stuck in the barn was out.  
Samantha was the last kid standing.

But most importantly, he'll see how closely we held him, and how bright our smiles were.  Even if there handn't been a single balloon, he'll see that he has always been loved.

Thank you SO MUCH to my mom, aunts, and uncles who made this happen!  It's fun to have a family with a passion for party throwing.  It just makes life fun!

Hard boiled eggs, carrots cut, and edible marker for the eyes.

Best cake pops I've ever had.  And the cutest!

Party favors!  Rubber duckies for the babies.  
A pack of Funny Farm playing cards with farm animal ducks for the big kids.

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  1. This party was perfect! Everything looks so great.