Grammy Camp

The Reay sisters done it again.  This December was the third annual Grammy Camp. My mom and her sisters love doing this, and I'm so excited we got to be there this year.

My mom has been doing this every year, even though she didn't have a grandkid participating.  Now she does, and I think he's pretty lucky.

First, a Christmas-worthy breakfast of buttermilk syrup, pancakes, and just... general sugar...

Next came ginger bread house making/eating… 

Followed by hot coco drinking...

And ample opportunity to burn off all the sugar.

But the main even was Santa.

Some of the kids were pretty awestruck when he walked through the front door.  {I think he should ave shimmied down the chimney, but whatevs...}  He was so sweet with the kids and even brought candy canes {like they needed more sugar} and games to hand out.

 Not everyone was the biggest fan...

 ^^^ I have a suspicion this might be Camden next year.

The Terrific Party-Throwing Trio with Santa.

And GG!

 And while we're talking about GG... this might be one of my favorite pictures of her.  I hope I'm half as pretty as she is when I'm a great-grandma!

The kids each got to take a stocking home with goodies in it.

Grandmas make Christmastime all the more magical.

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