Fall Friends

It's cloudy outside, our heat has kicked on, and our pumpkins are still sitting outside, uncarved, under our front window.  Fall takes some ushering in when you live in the desert, but after a lot of coaxing with scented candles it does make itself comfortable and stick around for almost half of the year.  Recently I've been seeing pictures on Instagram of early snowfall, slides and swing sets being moved into basements, people dreading the "indoor" months.  That's when I am grateful to live here, where the sun never stops shining.

Snowbirds have been arriving, thus traffic is getting more congested with white-haired drivers.  Traffic plus a horrible accident on the I-10 made for a long trip for our friends, who arrived on our doorstep at dusk on Tuesday.  A prompt arrival for bath time.

Story Rae {whose first timid words to me were, "I paint my nails"} was stripped and thrown into the tub with Camden.  My little guy has been grumpy with baths lately, so it was nice to have Story there to capture his interest.  His first bath with a friend.

The Tietjens are some of our friends who are like family.  In fact, we see them more often than a lot of our real family!  Last April we visited them in California.  Having kids hasn't cramped our style, the little ones just add to the adventure.

Story was very concerned about the Halloween decorations on our street.  She was infatuated with skeletons, especially if they were hanging from a tree.  Our next-door-neighbor set out a shish-kabobed head on a grill, complete with fake blood.  Story kept saying, "He's hurt!"

Unfortunately the week was academically loaded for Roy, with a major exam on Saturday.  We made the most of it and sent Carson to campus with him every day, so that he would also be able to get a lot of his own work done.  Roy took him to a couple of his classes, but they spent the majority of their time in the library.  Back home, we had more fun plans.

Story wanted to hold "baby Camden."

This beastly boy is totally bigger than she is!

Always watching Story.

 I was impressed with Story's photography skills.  Also, check out our honeydew melons in the back.  That plant is ready to bite the dust-but the crunchy leaves support our illusion of a classic fall season.

Shellena is a master of the kitchen, so when she talked about putting on a Halloween feast, I knew it was going to be epic.  In between games and park time with the kids, we spent a lot of time prepping--planning out the appetizers, main dishes, desserts--and shopping for what we needed.  When Halloween day arrived, Camden woke up with a runny nose and some new teeth angrily pushing their way out of his gums.  Ouch.

Understandably, this made him extremely fussy and clingy.  As in, I could not be more than three inches away from him without there being a complete meltdown.  There was only so much I could do in the kitchen with one arm occupied by a heavy baby.  Thus, the only time I was really much help was during Camden's naps.  Bummer, but what do you do?  You turn on the "Halloween Party" Pandora station and dance with the babies.  {Story has some remarkable choreography that involves lots of summersaults and donkey kicks.}

Despite it all, Shellena busted it out, and we had the most amazing Halloween ever.  I'll show you just how amazing in the next post.  To be continued...

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