Batten Down the Hatches!

It's like I'm preparing for a tornado.  A good kind of tornado--one made of wrapping paper, candy canes, and frosting--but a tornado nonetheless.  I could sit here and give you a forecast of the madness in the two months ahead, but it will unfold on this blog eventually.

Before I run off to batten down the hatches {AKA, clean the house 'til it shines} I thought I'd stop by to say hello, and share a few more pictures from the Tietjen's visit.  There are a lot.

Finding and exploring pecans in the orchards.

 Running to see the train pass by.
 EVERYONE running to see the train pass by.

Some fun things we did:
-Went to the free kid's craft at Home Depot and cheered on Story as she created a wooden sailboat.
-Stayed up crazy late playing "Would You Rather" and laughing 'til we cried.  Well, I cried, at least.
-Explored the pecan orchards with the kids.
-Drew on Roy and Carson's faces with bright red lipstick when they fell asleep in the living room.  I gave Roy some rosy cheeks before he woke up and tackled me.
-Made plans for the next time we get together, which I'm sure will be here before we know it!

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