Sickness Supermom

When I was a kid there were two sicknesses that seemed to plague me: pinkeye and strep.  I'm pretty sure both were horrible, but I don't really remember.  What I do remember is my mom making me Jell-O, pressing cool cloths on my forehead, building me a giant bed of blankets in front of the television so I could snuggle in for a movie, and lots of kisses and and fussing over me.  Mom was all I needed.

I'm kind of stoked to be that super hero for my boy.

That is probably the one and only upside to Camden getting sick over the weekend.  Suddenly all he wants to do is snuggle into me, and sleep with his head tucked under my chin just like when he was tiny.  I don't even mind rocking him in a dark, steam-filled bathroom at four in the morning, because he throws his arms around my neck and just collapses into me.

On the downside {which is a much bigger side}, there is nothing sadder than a baby with croup.  For the first few days every breath was an audible struggle for him, which really set off our internal parent alarms.  I mean, I literally was panicking in the middle of the night that first time he woke up coughing and rasping.

In the light of the blue nightlight I looked deer-in-the-headlights at Roy.  "What do we do?"

"Clear out his nose so he can breathe better," he said, luckily ready to take the parenting wheel since I was obviously paralyzed.  I snapped out of it soon afterward, but I'm grateful Roy has a head on his shoulders.  He's my tether to reason and reality.

If we hadn't figured out what was going on, I'd probably be writing about a hospital experience right now.  Thank goodness for my beautiful mama friends who share their experiences and wisdom with me.  We were able to take Camden to the doctor for a breathing treatment and steroids to reduce the swelling of his voice box and windpipe.

The nurses were surprised at how happy he was, smiling and flirting with everyone in the office even though he sounded like Darth Vader swallowed a squeaky toy.

So we've been laying low, staying at home, watching movies and taking lots of medicine.  Literally all three of us have been taking medicine, since Roy and I caught some adult forms of the virus from Cam.

But hooray for October!  Little things we've done to kick off one of my favorite months:

We went to the Children's Museum Love of Literacy Festival with friends and Camden thought it was Disneyland.  PS - Friend's little boy also got sick shortly thereafter, so we won't be visiting the Children's Museum for quite a while, thank you.

Created a new Buckmaster October tradition: Harry Potter movie marathon!  Roy had the clever idea to dress up for our "grand premiere" so we used whatever we could find around the house to impersonate HP characters.  I know I look crazy, but I was in character, okay?  {Professor Quirrell and Dobby}  And I'm totally wearing a pillowcase.

Went to Babytime at the library by my parent's house.  Camden spent the first half pushing this chair around the room like it was his job.  Then toward the end a big plastic bin of toys came out.  While all of the kids rushed the toys, Camden transferred jobs and began pushing the now empty bin around the room.  This cute little boy, Auggie, decided the join him.  Together they pushed the bin around the room for like fifteen minutes.

Decorating our house and yard for Halloween is seriously fun for me, especially with some good classic Halloween music.  This year I decorated everything all night so we could wake up to Halloweeness on October 1st.  Then yesterday a freak windstorm came blustering down our street and ripped three of our headstones right out of the front yard!  Granted, they were only Styrofoam, but these puppies were anchored pretty darn well.  I was sad.

This morning Camden and I went on a walk {in sweatshirts, holla!} and recovered one of those headstones in a neighbor's front yard about fifteen houses down.  The other two are probably up on some rooftops.

Enjoying the way Arizona can't make up it's mind during this time of the year.  One minute we're in sweatshirts and the next we're in the pool.  Keepin' it interesting.

Had to include this pic of Camden and Uncle Zac.  Family is the best.

Oh, and I love these open-mouthed slobber kisses, the way he claps his hands when he's proud of himself, and his hesitant high-fives.

Here's to October!  And to our headstones hopefully blowing down from our neighbors' rooftops!

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