Life is Sweet (AKA - Long Live Facebook)

Roy deleted his Facebook account.  Like deleted permanently, evermore Facebookless.

On the one hand, I find this admirable.  Facebook can be such a time-suck, and he has the determination to focus on the more important things.  

BUT on the other hand, his deleting his account depresses me.  He's done more than just rid himself of a distraction, he's also lost a time capsule.  

Occasionally, maybe only once a year, like it's some kind of unspoken annual tradition with myself, I go to my own page and start going back in time.  To Christmas, when Camden was tiny and much more bald, to when I looked like I'd swallowed a watermelon whole and could barely fit behind my desk at work, to when I was dressed in a blue gown graduating college, to when Roy and I randomly skipped town for Disneyworld, to wedding dress shopping with friends, to dance parties with roommates, to evening runs in Hyde Park, to my first hike with Roy, to Taking Back Sunday concerts, to California road trips, to high school...

There are so many pictures I don't have neatly organized on my hard drive.  I don't own them.  I wasn't always great about taking pictures {and Roy never has been}.  Sophomore year of college I had a roommate with an extra appendage: her camera.  Cody took pictures of every gut-laugh moment, everything I wanted to remember about that year, and tagged me on Facebook.  I can click through that stuff whenever I want to, see the comments, the inside jokes, and take a stroll down memory lane curled up at my desk with a mug of nog.  Life is sweet.

All Facebook pics I don't own:

I truly feel like I've been so blessed.  Scrolling through these pictures, taking a little history tour of my own life, I can't shake the feeling that I've won the life jackpot.  I've had the greatest experiences, been the coolest places, had the best friends, married the awesomest guy, have the most amazing family, etc. etc. gush gush gush.  Just, wow, no words.  Sometimes I wish I could relive moments, but the closest I can get is pictures and perhaps old blog posts and journal entries.  But that's why I do this.  And that's why I could never delete my Facebook account.

So if any of you have Roy tagged in any of your Facebook pictures... please tag me, because I'm not willing to give up his time capsule.  I think he'll thank me later.


  1. I could never delete my FB either. There is way too much stuff on there. I also think it's so much easier to stay in contact with people that are far away since Matt and I seem to always be living somewhere strange.

    1. Can you imagine how different your experience would be over there without Facebook? (And Hulu! Am I right? Ha!) I love seeing what you guys are doing in Korea!