Camden's Creations

Camden's Halloween costume came in the mail today.  I can't stop touching it; paper thin, all velvety on the outside, scratchy on the inside.  Exactly the texture that brings me back to cool evenings running through the neighborhood with my plastic pumpkin pail.  Motherhood helps you relive your own childhood, and I relish it.

But of course, not every moment is fit for relishing.  Today we experienced a bit of a calamity, and I blame Pinterest.

Pinterest, you are great.  I actually love you.  Big fan.  But sometimes you can be just a tad bit misleading.  Like, "Oh sure, just take this old dresser and turn it into a potting bench, it's a snap!"  Or "Here's a great idea: let your baby experiment with paint!"

What I saw on Pinterest: a sweet smiling baby happily dabbling her pointer finger in some non-toxic paints in her high chair while Mommy supervised, gently reminding her little angel not to eat the paint.  And I thought, "Oh yeah, that would be fun!"


Chaos.  Rubbing paint into his eyes, hair, nose.  Clapping and sending paint splattering everywhere.  And eating it?  He's so fast, he literally went from a cheesy pose for a picture to this:

before I could react.  Maybe that's the difference between boys and girls?  Either that or I just haven't acquired the mama ninja skill level to qualify for this activity.

Alright, so maybe I wasn't totally relishing the moment.  But despite the mess, and despite me frantically trying to keep Camden from turning his insides purple or green, we were having fun.  Similar to the panicked, roller coaster, holy-crap-who-talked-me-into-this kind of fun.  But true fun.  How can you not laugh with this kid.

I taped the paper down onto his tray, but he had just as much fun tearing that up as he did smearing the paint around.  If I managed to pull a masterpiece away unscathed, it was a triumph.  We totaled three triumphs {all with minimal damage} and the look on his face when I showed them to him...

"Look, Camden!  Look what you made!"

And he's getting it.  He's already starting to understand that he has the ability to create - which I believe inspires confidence and happiness.

Cam is just beginning to skim the very surface of what I hope will be a lifetime of creativity.  This morning he learned he can create a block tower!  He's turning baskets into hats and kitchen pots into drums.  He's tearing this house apart discovering this thing called creativity.

So bring on the messes, because five minutes scrubbing washable paint off of the tile is so worth fostering this creativity.

Some things we're loving:

Classic toys.  Grandma Buckmaster gave Camden this cute jack-in-the-box many months ago, and it still hasn't gotten old.  When we crank the handle the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays.  This baby loves it; he claps his hands and watches the box expectantly.  When it gets close to the note where the monkey pops out, he squints his eyes and turns his face away, bracing himself for the POP!  I've found that even if he's somewhere else in the room, his back to the toy, he's been conditioned to brace himself like this.  So.  Funny.

Talking to Aunt Kirsten.  She calls us on FaceTime almost every evening, and Camden's come to expect it.  When she sings his name, Camden comes crawl-sprinting toward the phone, all smiles.  He adores her and thinks her silly faces are just about the funniest things ever.  There are also many guest appearances by Grandma and Grandpa Buck and Aunt Kelsey, which is also so much fun for him.  Camden knows and loves his family, even the members that are far away.

Camden's hair.  This picture was taken as I walked in to get Cam up from a miraculously long morning nap.  How awesome is this hair? It needs to be cut, but I can't bring myself to chop this cornsilk mane.

Our new yard sale purchase.  Camden thinks he is pretty cool stuff when he is up on top, spinning the wheel.  Can't wait to watch him expand his creativity and imagination with this thing.  Bonus: there will be more opportunity for creative messes outside. ;-)

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