Life is Sweet (AKA - Long Live Facebook)

Roy deleted his Facebook account.  Like deleted permanently, evermore Facebookless.

On the one hand, I find this admirable.  Facebook can be such a time-suck, and he has the determination to focus on the more important things.  

BUT on the other hand, his deleting his account depresses me.  He's done more than just rid himself of a distraction, he's also lost a time capsule.  

Occasionally, maybe only once a year, like it's some kind of unspoken annual tradition with myself, I go to my own page and start going back in time.  To Christmas, when Camden was tiny and much more bald, to when I looked like I'd swallowed a watermelon whole and could barely fit behind my desk at work, to when I was dressed in a blue gown graduating college, to when Roy and I randomly skipped town for Disneyworld, to wedding dress shopping with friends, to dance parties with roommates, to evening runs in Hyde Park, to my first hike with Roy, to Taking Back Sunday concerts, to California road trips, to high school...

There are so many pictures I don't have neatly organized on my hard drive.  I don't own them.  I wasn't always great about taking pictures {and Roy never has been}.  Sophomore year of college I had a roommate with an extra appendage: her camera.  Cody took pictures of every gut-laugh moment, everything I wanted to remember about that year, and tagged me on Facebook.  I can click through that stuff whenever I want to, see the comments, the inside jokes, and take a stroll down memory lane curled up at my desk with a mug of nog.  Life is sweet.

All Facebook pics I don't own:

I truly feel like I've been so blessed.  Scrolling through these pictures, taking a little history tour of my own life, I can't shake the feeling that I've won the life jackpot.  I've had the greatest experiences, been the coolest places, had the best friends, married the awesomest guy, have the most amazing family, etc. etc. gush gush gush.  Just, wow, no words.  Sometimes I wish I could relive moments, but the closest I can get is pictures and perhaps old blog posts and journal entries.  But that's why I do this.  And that's why I could never delete my Facebook account.

So if any of you have Roy tagged in any of your Facebook pictures... please tag me, because I'm not willing to give up his time capsule.  I think he'll thank me later.

Busiest Weekend of Camden's Life

Naps are important in this house.  Pretty much as important as breathing.  But this weekend, for the first time ever, I got brave and threw nap times almost completely out the window.  There were a lot of fun goings on that I decided we weren't going to miss out on.  And wouldn't you know it?  We are all still alive.  Sure, by Sunday night Camden was cranky, but I don't feel like he's going to get a lower SAT score because his schedule was messed up for a few days.  This is a good realization for me.

Roy said I looked like one of the pumpkins.

Roy and I were asked to help put on the Fall Festival for our ward at church.  Friday we crafted and decorated the church building before we went home and donned our costumes.  Or at least we tried to don our costumes.  Unfortunately our family coordination took a nosedive when mine and Roy's plastic fangs didn't stick to our teeth like they were supposed to.  We were meant to be vampires and Camden was our lil' bat.  Fangless, Roy got asked twice if he was supposed to be from the Amish Mafia.  Ha!

So we ended up just being people dressed in black, but at least Camden was a cute bat.

The head part didn't stay on for very much of the night, due to the fact that Camden thoroughly enjoyed ripping it off.  But he was still adorable.  More pictures to come on Halloween night.

After the chili cook-off I ran the photo booth, so I didn't see much of the party.  Roy took Camden around to see the other games and to stare at all of the people dressed up with painted faces.  In this pic I think he's staring at a zombie during trunk-or-treating.  I love that he's not old enough to be scared, but it's like, "What the???"

 I don't know if it was the chocolate frosting I let him taste or if it was the elation of being up an hour past bedtime, but by the time trunk-or-treating started, this kid was wired.  Roy carried him around the parking lot through the throngs of dressed up kids and teenagers and I could hear Camden joy-screaming long after they disappeared from sight.

Roy loves giving out candy. By the handfuls.  I hope none of those kids get put in a sugar coma because the dude from the Amish Mafia gave them 25 dum dums each.  Maybe I shouldn't be posting incriminating evidence online...

Even though Camden went to bed super late, he got up at 4 the next morning, ready for the day.  What a stinker!

Saturday morning was Camden's first trip to the zoo.  Honestly, that boy was more interested in the people taking pictures of the animals than he was in the actual animals.  I think we have several months before the animals are cool, but it was still a fun environment for him.  He loves being outside, hearing new sounds and people-watching.

We were there for Parker's birthday {second cousin} who was turning four.  We got to see cousins and aunts and uncles and Grammy and GG.  Wish I'd taken more pictures, but this phone pic is gonna have to do:

Mom and I couldn't get him to look at the giraffes because he was mesmerized by a Halloween banner draped over the bars of the enclosure.  *Sigh*  Again... it will be a while.  Of all the animals the ducks and the monkeys managed to get his attention.  Maybe because they're loud and annoying.  

We went straight from the zoo to another birthday party.  Camden fell asleep for the drive, but was happy to wake up for more playtime.  This place is called Pump It Up, and the party was for a friend's little boy who was turning three.  

The place consisted of a few giant rooms filled with jumping castles, obstacle courses, and slides.  Kid heaven, but a little out of Camden's league.  Just to see how he'd take it, I had a friend, Genie, take him up to the top of one of the huge blow-up slides and slide him down to me on his back.  As he flew down he wheeled his little arms through the air with a look on his face that said, "HOLY CRAP!"  I had to laugh.

At the bottom of the slide he made a strangled barking sound like he wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or angry-scream, but when I picked him up he got over it almost immediatley.  Good boy.  We spent the rest of the time crawling around on these safe foam shapes.  He played peek-a-boo, crawled through the tunnels, and clapped for himself a lot.  

And he was sleeping hard again on the way home.  Wiped out.

Sunday after church we went to Mom and Dad's, and by now Cam was not exactly in a good mood.  Well, unless he had a slice of watermelon in each hand.

Or was riding on Daddy's shoulders on our walk.

Other than that, he was kind of whiney.  Probably from taking almost every nap in his carseat this weekend.  But I think it was worth it, and I think he'd agree.

Camden's Creations

Camden's Halloween costume came in the mail today.  I can't stop touching it; paper thin, all velvety on the outside, scratchy on the inside.  Exactly the texture that brings me back to cool evenings running through the neighborhood with my plastic pumpkin pail.  Motherhood helps you relive your own childhood, and I relish it.

But of course, not every moment is fit for relishing.  Today we experienced a bit of a calamity, and I blame Pinterest.

Pinterest, you are great.  I actually love you.  Big fan.  But sometimes you can be just a tad bit misleading.  Like, "Oh sure, just take this old dresser and turn it into a potting bench, it's a snap!"  Or "Here's a great idea: let your baby experiment with paint!"

What I saw on Pinterest: a sweet smiling baby happily dabbling her pointer finger in some non-toxic paints in her high chair while Mommy supervised, gently reminding her little angel not to eat the paint.  And I thought, "Oh yeah, that would be fun!"


Chaos.  Rubbing paint into his eyes, hair, nose.  Clapping and sending paint splattering everywhere.  And eating it?  He's so fast, he literally went from a cheesy pose for a picture to this:

before I could react.  Maybe that's the difference between boys and girls?  Either that or I just haven't acquired the mama ninja skill level to qualify for this activity.

Alright, so maybe I wasn't totally relishing the moment.  But despite the mess, and despite me frantically trying to keep Camden from turning his insides purple or green, we were having fun.  Similar to the panicked, roller coaster, holy-crap-who-talked-me-into-this kind of fun.  But true fun.  How can you not laugh with this kid.

I taped the paper down onto his tray, but he had just as much fun tearing that up as he did smearing the paint around.  If I managed to pull a masterpiece away unscathed, it was a triumph.  We totaled three triumphs {all with minimal damage} and the look on his face when I showed them to him...

"Look, Camden!  Look what you made!"

And he's getting it.  He's already starting to understand that he has the ability to create - which I believe inspires confidence and happiness.

Cam is just beginning to skim the very surface of what I hope will be a lifetime of creativity.  This morning he learned he can create a block tower!  He's turning baskets into hats and kitchen pots into drums.  He's tearing this house apart discovering this thing called creativity.

So bring on the messes, because five minutes scrubbing washable paint off of the tile is so worth fostering this creativity.

Some things we're loving:

Classic toys.  Grandma Buckmaster gave Camden this cute jack-in-the-box many months ago, and it still hasn't gotten old.  When we crank the handle the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays.  This baby loves it; he claps his hands and watches the box expectantly.  When it gets close to the note where the monkey pops out, he squints his eyes and turns his face away, bracing himself for the POP!  I've found that even if he's somewhere else in the room, his back to the toy, he's been conditioned to brace himself like this.  So.  Funny.

Talking to Aunt Kirsten.  She calls us on FaceTime almost every evening, and Camden's come to expect it.  When she sings his name, Camden comes crawl-sprinting toward the phone, all smiles.  He adores her and thinks her silly faces are just about the funniest things ever.  There are also many guest appearances by Grandma and Grandpa Buck and Aunt Kelsey, which is also so much fun for him.  Camden knows and loves his family, even the members that are far away.

Camden's hair.  This picture was taken as I walked in to get Cam up from a miraculously long morning nap.  How awesome is this hair? It needs to be cut, but I can't bring myself to chop this cornsilk mane.

Our new yard sale purchase.  Camden thinks he is pretty cool stuff when he is up on top, spinning the wheel.  Can't wait to watch him expand his creativity and imagination with this thing.  Bonus: there will be more opportunity for creative messes outside. ;-)