The Face

No one knows where it came from, but "The Face" is pretty much famous around here.

If only printed blogs could also capture sound, I would post the exaggerated nasal breathing that accompanies this famous face.  It's like the start-up to a stifled laugh about to burst out of control, except he never gets that far.  He just pants in little puffs through his wrinkled nose, baring those six teeth at me, like he and I are sharing some joke between just us that no one else would ever begin to understand.

But he no longer saves this face just for me.  Their love melts me.

Camden has taken up crawling after Roy, trailing him through the house with his grunting wheezes.  The way he acts, Roy may as well be being chased by Chris Martin with a bowl of chocolate-drenched Blue Bunny ice cream.  He always acts like it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to him.  And if I ask Roy to watch the kid for a minute, he doesn't just pop on Curious George and check out.  Instead, the house will be ringing with Camden's giggles while Roy blows raspberries or talks in his Wonderland-type vocabulary.  Cam 100% thrilled by it.  By him.

Bud, you have the best dad.

And you make the BEST face.  Please let this stage last forever!

But no, time is flying by as usual, as I was so gently reminded when I was sideswiped by my 25th birthday in August.  When we woke up that morning the first thing we did was drive into town to celebrate a cousin's second birthday, where Camden discovered his passion for chasing balloons.

Roy took Camden from there for the whole day so I could spend it with Mom.  Nails, my favorite restaurant for lunch, and some shopping.  Having my mom close to us is one of the greatest blessings, I love her to the moon and back.  She's good at making you feel special no matter what day of the year it is, so that evening she did what she does best: a cute setup for dinner, cake, and ice cream with the family and grandparents.

These 25 years have been great!  And these nine months?  Oh, so much better than I deserve!

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