Pinetop Cabin

Camden just had another tooth break through.  This kid grows and changes so fast, I can't afford to fall behind on posts!  Here is our experience over Labor Day weekend.  We took a little family trip to Pinetop with my grandparents and parents.  We love Grandma and Grandpa Reay's cabin.

The White Mountains never disappoint.  It was perfect weather for some outdoor fun.  One day Roy, Dad, and I played a game of golf.  Grandpa came along in his U of A hat he dug up from the 80s.

Grandpa putted a little, but I think he had more fun watching how bad we were.  Dad's defense: has a chronic back injury.  Roy's defense: hadn't really played much at all.  My defense: none.  At least no one laughed too hard when I swung and missed the ball.  Yes, that happened more than once.

This was Roy almost making birdie.  Almost.

Another day we spent some time exploring the craft fair in an apple orchard.  I didn't take anything home except this: my all-time favorite picture of Grandpa.  Check out the size of that grin.

For me the other days were spent relaxing, reading, running, writing, talking, eating, taking Camden on walks or out to explore the green across the street.

At night we gathered around the felt table and played a few card games and a dice game.  One game in particular turned out to be quite epic: the first time in history that everyone at the table beat both Grandma and Grandpa.  There was much gloating.

Meanwhile, Camden thought he was at a theme park.  So much to explore, you know.  Including the tasting of flowers, the crunching of leaves between fingers, the discovering of a dead bat hanging upside down in the curtains {an especially creepy hazard of living in the mountains, I guess}.  And playing throw-and-chase-the-ball is a whole new game in a new environment.

My favorite experience, though, was going to the Snowflake Temple.  Going to the temple with the love of my life is such a sweet blessing, but we haven't been able to go very often since Camden's been born.  We took advantage of both having a temple only thirty minutes away, and having a slew of babysitters willing to keep Camden at the cabin with them.

One reason I love going to the temple is because that's the place where I feel more peace and love than anywhere else in the world, especially when my family is there with me.  That's what it's all about; being sealed together forever as a family, understanding God's overwhelming love for us, His children, and sharing that with others.  It's just the best, we really need to make it over there more often.

But we are told that same love and peace we feel in the temple, we should try to have in our homes.  That's what we strive for, and that's what I want for my little family.  Lots and lots of love.

Feeling grateful.

PS - Some pictures my talented little brother took at the Green River in June.

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