How Does Your Garden Grow

The dirt patch behind our house is finally completing its transformation into a real backyard: a fruit-producing tree, a veggie garden, patio furniture and {drum roll please} GRASS!

Okay, it's fake.  Fake, fake grass, people; it's not real.  {I feel like I'm admitting to having butt implants.}  Considering our environment and where we're at right now, this was the best option for us.  And we looove it!  It isn't itchy to lay in, it doesn't need maintenance, and we finally have a place to play outside that isn't a sunburnt walk away.

We're eating a little bit from our garden, although I think it's safe to say that growing your food in your scorching backyard in Arizona doesn't save you any money.  {Hola SeƱor Waterbill.}

But it's been quite fun, and I just love having green stuff spilling out of control and underfoot.  As a kid I would have loved this, so more than feeding my family fresh organic produce, I'm appeasing my inner child.  It makes me happy.

Next it's broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and cauliflower.

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