The 3rd of July

Nope, that's not a typo.  We celebrated the bulk of Independence Day on the third this year, since my parents were leaving town on the fourth.  We invited Connor and Marcy over with their kids, and had a BBQ at my parent's house.

Every picture in this post was taken with my cell phone, since apparently being patriotic takes it out of me.  Makes me too lazy to get out my camera.

There was swimming and plenty of eating.  Mom and I got a little Pinterest happy, my favorite project being our red, white, and blue punch.

We discovered Camden's love of corn on the cob.  I'm pretty sure he gnawed on this thing for thirty minutes, and when anyone tried to take it away he assumed his ninja grip.

And, of course, sparklers.

On the actual day, Roy and I headed out to Connor and Marcy's in the evening to celebrate with some people.  More yummy food and good conversation.  But when they all went down to see fireworks, we turned in for the night.  We were content to lay in bed and just listen to the pop, pop, popping this year.

Next year--for the next couple of decades, in fact--skipping out on fireworks won't be an option, I'm sure.  And I'm okay with that.  This year was just about relaxing and being together.

And patriotic outfits.

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