Our Favorite Detour

Between the McAffees and the Tietjens, we always manage to make "little detours" to see our best friends on our family vacations.  Naturally, going up to my dad's family reunion in Utah meant a little detour to the McAffee home was in order.  The major downside: Roy was not with us.

In the days leading up to our flight, Roy couldn't help pouting a little bit.  He misses his best friend pretty bad, but it's a tough life to be a responsible adult with a job, right?  So it was a sad morning when we left for Phoenix without him.

Uncle Zac was with us, though.  And Camden loved that.  It would have been a struggle without that secretly sweet-hearted teenager there to carry his little nephew through the terminals and lug the carseat around for us.

Andrea was there to pick us up from the Provo airport.  EVERY time we see each other for the first time in months {okay, it was only weeks this time} there is epic music playing, fireworks, rainbows... seriously.  It's a happy time.  Squeezing babies is a major bonus.

'Sup guys?

My parents were already on their way to Provo by car, so we only had 24 hours with the McAffees.  But in that 24 hours, we made sure Camden and Cade became very best friends like their daddies.

Yeah.  It's the newest model.  Best ball there is.

They weren't always in good moods.

Get us outta this inflatable corral of doom!!!

Could you pick us both up, please?  Pronto?

But for the most part their naps lined up well and they found each other interesting.

I loved seeing Kenny and Andrea's beautiful new house and staying up into the wee hours of the morning laughing and testing how loud we could be without waking up the babies.

We also took a quick trip out to see Aunt Leah and Uncle Jamie in Draper.  Next time we see them they will have a baby boy!  We can't wait!!!

The next day we met Mom and Dad for lunch at Kneaders.  Delicious.  I'm sure the staff loved the work that Cade and Camden left behind.  And then we had to say goodbye to Cade and Andrea.  Time to head out to Flaming Gorge, Utah for the 2013 Collett reunion!

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