Danny Jay

Last night a sweet little boy made his grand entrance into the world, and into a family that already loves him like crazy.  Roy's sister, Leah, and her husband had a baby boy: Daniel Jay Carpenter.

Being this far away kills me, but at least we have some pretty amazing technology these days.  Camden got to meet his first-ever cousin via Facetime today.  How cute are they?  Total buds already, I know it.

We plan on going up for Thanksgiving to see this bundle of joy in person.  By then the newborn smell will be gone and his hands won't be so tightly curled, but on the bright side he will be a little more active and fun for Camden to interact with.  I can't wait until they are running around together, getting into some healthy trouble.

Good job Leah and Jamie.  Thanks for making us an aunt and uncle!

Side note: today was Roy's last first day of school.  I forced him to pause in the kitchen for a picture, but I just felt like it was a bit of a momentous occasion.  No more first days!  Ever!

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