Danny Jay

Last night a sweet little boy made his grand entrance into the world, and into a family that already loves him like crazy.  Roy's sister, Leah, and her husband had a baby boy: Daniel Jay Carpenter.

Being this far away kills me, but at least we have some pretty amazing technology these days.  Camden got to meet his first-ever cousin via Facetime today.  How cute are they?  Total buds already, I know it.

We plan on going up for Thanksgiving to see this bundle of joy in person.  By then the newborn smell will be gone and his hands won't be so tightly curled, but on the bright side he will be a little more active and fun for Camden to interact with.  I can't wait until they are running around together, getting into some healthy trouble.

Good job Leah and Jamie.  Thanks for making us an aunt and uncle!

Side note: today was Roy's last first day of school.  I forced him to pause in the kitchen for a picture, but I just felt like it was a bit of a momentous occasion.  No more first days!  Ever!

Lake Powell 2013

Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to Lake Powell 2013.

First things first... Annual mohawks.
This was the first year Roy skipped out on the tradition.  He had a job to return home to.  Sometimes it makes me a little sad that we have to be real grownups now.  RIP Roy's Summer Mohawk.

This year the Smith family joined us for our trip.  Brian and my dad met as young men while serving missions in California for the LDS church.  Despite time, distance, and my dad's lack of Facebook skills (ha) they are still friends.  I love this family-they are so fun!

Oops, just realized Amy's eyes are closed.  But at least she's got that gorgeous smile!

The Smiths introduced us to a little game called Spike Ball!  And oh, Lake Powell will never be the same.

This game is normally played on the sand, but what can I say... it's hot, and we are are innovative people.  Every single person got in on this game.  In the houseboat throughout the day you'd hear the tell-tale crashing overhead, meaning that there was some serious Spike Ball going on.

It was such a hit, we decided to replace our annual Talentless Show with a Spike Ball tournament.  It was very intense.  I practiced for hours, but didn't make it to the finals.  It's okay, I have a feeling I'll have a chance to redeem myself next year.  :-)

By Lake Powell Camden was mostly over his traumatic teething in Utah.  Well mostly... 
{drool drool drool}

He discovered his tongue, which was funny...

And he was overall just a total goofball.   

Having Camden on the boat wasn't as stressful as I'd anticipated.  He actually took great naps in his little downstairs room.  I'm sure the motion of the boat rocking in the water helped with that.  Plus there was a small army of people dedicated to protecting, watching, and entertaining this lil' troublemaker.  There was no way he was going to crawl off the back of the boat with so many people constantly loving on him.

Roy and I love having our wedding anniversary at Lake Powell every year; we are forced to get creative - making an already exceptional day even more spectacular.  This year we had a romantic dinner, just the two of us on the top deck.  We even had servers bring up our dinner for us ;-).

Our decorations.  When life gives you lemons... 

By now Camden was great in the water.  We had a life jacket for him, but only used it once.  When it was on he was pretty much like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka.

We had other flotation devices that allowed for a little more movement.

 I went wakeboarding three times, I think.  Considering we spent ten days on the lake, that isn't much.  Still, I was satisfied.  I've got more fun things to do now, like play in the mud.


Mason and his friends {Danny and Matt} helping with dinner.  As always, Mom kept us all well fed.

This guy loved crawling around the beach, but he always went straight for the stickers, like they were cotton candy or something.

The jetski-pulled slide made a comeback this year.

One of Cam's favorite pastimes: chillin' in a bucket.  {My, what a large bellybutton you have.}

And eating.  Always eating!

Jameson and his fiancĂ© came out for the last few days.  We are so excited for these guys to get hitched!

 And Roy is so excited for Camden to start walking.  He was walking him everywhere {and still is}.

Thanks for another great year, Lake Powell.

Summer Lovin'

Consider this an intermission to our big summer vacation.  Because while our blog is overdue for a lengthy Lake Powell post, things are still happening every day--life is so inconsiderately refusing to pause so I can catch up on documentation.  

Camden loves to be outside, but this fair-haired chunk looks like a third-degree burn waiting to happen. So we have spent a lot of our summertime cooling off in the shade of the back porch.

Sometimes things outside of the pool are more interesting.  

Occasionally, if a nice monsoon breeze is present, we go for a jog around the park followed by playtime... AKA, trying to eat wood chips.

We practice walking around the house, but Camden still can't take a step without some help.  But who needs walking when you can crawl at the speed of light?  His favorite game is to play fetch with himself.  Ball of choice: golfball.  He throws it, crawls after it, snags it, sits down to taste it, then rolls it away from himself to chase again.  


Camden is talking a lot, mostly in a grunting and growling language he's made up for himself.  The only part of that language I understand is the strained grunt for, "Food in my mouth now!!"  Really funny video on Roy's Instagram.  Follow him.

He understands simple commands.  If I say "Come here," he will drop whatever he is doing and charge at me, open mouthed and screaming with pure joy.  

No cabinet, no drawer, no trash can is safe anymore!  This kid is into everything.  There are times when I can hear him panting, he's just exploring so ferociously.  But in the middle of unrolling the toilet paper or pulling all of my socks out of the sock drawer, he will suddenly stop and search me out.  When he finds me, he crawls over and lays his head in my lap, sucking his thumb for just a second.  Like he's taking a moment to say, "Love you.  Thanks for being here."  Then he's gone, trying to see how many pieces of furniture he can pull himself up on, or whether there are any crumbs on the kitchen floor.

When I see him and Roy laughing it up together, I wonder how life could get any better.