Oregon Part 2: Newport

A Message to Roy's Family:

There may have been a time when I didn't understand how anyone could live in such insane amounts of drizzle and cloud cover.  There may have been a time when I thought a beaver and a duck made for some comically tame mascots.  There may have been a time when the socks with Birkenstocks look alluded me.  {OK, not gonna lie, I still don't get it.}  But I've been converted.  Get me one of those "I Heart Oregon" bumper stickers, cuz I heart that state immensely.  Go Ducks!

Please never move away so we will always have a solid excuse for venturing out to the Oregon coast.  There's a unique beauty there that makes me feel like I'm in a book or a movie.  Something about the foggy beaches, the lighthouses perched on sheer cliffs, the high bridges, the trees dripping in moss, the weather-beaten ma and pa shops.  There's so much to do, I've been four times and haven't done a fraction of the things on my Oregon bucket list.  The moment we boarded the plane to leave, I felt my heart sink a little.  How long 'til we return to that little town?  I wish we could visit every month.  So if you could just stay in Newport forever we would be very grateful.

Thank you for everything!


Some of our favorite things from our week in Newport

Our visit to the bay front.  Of course, this included lunch at Mo's.  Duh.  Best tuna sandwich in the land {Yes, that's right, I had tuna, and it was amazing.  Freshly caught is a different story.}

This place has character.

Get 'em young, Oregon.

Hanging out with the family.  Camden ate up all the attention.

Leah's baby shower.  Like the maternity dresses we came up with?

Hurry and get here Danny!  Camden can't wait to have a cousin!

Enjoying plants Camden had never seen before.  Grandma Buck has some giant roses in her garden!  

Apparently they smell really amazing.

Beach walks.

Beach runs.  I've decided Newport is my absolute favorite place to run.  You never get thirsty, because you are practically drinking water just by breathing that misty air.  The sun never beats down on you, plus the occasional drizzle keeps you cool.  Oxygen is rampant.  Rampant, I tell you.  And then there's the views.

Look, I took the family dog, Millie, on a run with me one day.  We bonded.

Two days before our relay Kirsten and I decided to go for a run on the beach.  A wide ocean river separated the forest from the shore, so we took off our shoes and waded through.  I knew it was a bad idea, but we were feeling adventurous, so we took a five mile run down the beach.  Barefoot.  

I worked muscles in my legs that had never been worked before.  I was sore right up to race day.  And poor Kirsten had blisters.  But oh, it was worth it.  The mist, the ocean waves, the eagles that hung out on the sand, the occasional sea creature clinging to a rock, and some absolutely fantastic company.  I wish Kirsten could be my running buddy every day.

Andrea flew in for the race, and the next day we had some time to kill before heading out.  So we {Leah, Jamie, Kirsten, Andrea, Roy, Camden, and I} hit up the 
Hatfield Marine Science Center, hoping that Camden would like it.

 Hello dead turtle.  May I put your face in my mouth?

He was entranced by the fish.  Especially these yellow ones.  Roy mostly carried him around facing out from his chest so the baby could see everything.  It was probably one of the coolest days of his life.

That sign says "Please do not move the microscope."
I can't read.

Neither can Andrea.

After the Science Center we had to head to Medford for the relay race and leave Camden with the fam.  It was the longest Roy and I would ever be apart from him, and for some reason my heart ached for him as soon as we were out the door.  But I knew he would have a blast with his aunts and grandparents.

Next Stop: Medford, Oregon for The Wild Rogue Really

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