Water Baby

Before we could go to Mexico again, I knew we'd need to work with Camden on his disdain for swimming pools.

Bath Tub = Joy

Swimming Pool = Nervous Wreck

The Reay Family Reunion happens every June in Puerto Peñasco, and the weekend consists almost entirely of pool water and salt water--neither of which Camden was cool with.  We had to change that.

The training began a few weeks before the reunion at the swimming pool at Jenn's complex.  I hoped that seeing another baby having fun in the water would help Camden relax.  Man, I love the summer smell of sunscreen and chlorine, especially on baby skin.  And this kid was absolutely slathered in that sunscreen.  It was hot.  With temps in the 100s, I thought Camden would be a little more open to new ways to cool off.

When I got waist deep in the water and his fat little feet skimmed the surface, he tucked them up and clutched at my swim suit til I thought I might flash someone.  Meanwhile Jenn was bouncing Elle in and out of the water, the baby all smiles.

"Come on, Bud," I told him.  "She's younger than you.  Don't let her show you up like that."

My pep talk must have worked, because he tolerated the water as I dipped him down to his shoulders.  When I put him in his floaty, he snatched a rubber duck and held it right in front of his face like he didn't want to see anyone or anything.  Find a happy place, find a happy place, I'm not here, find a happy place.

The next time we went swimming he didn't need the duck, but he wasn't exactly thrilled with the situation.  He just leaned back in his floaty and glared out at me and the world.

The third time Uncle Mason and Roy passed him back and forth in his floaty like they were playing catch.  Even as they talked and tickled him, there still weren't any smiles.  But he was kicking his feet, sucking his bottom lip, gurgling to himself.  Progress!  I had high hopes he could handle the real deal.

His training paid off!

This is the big leagues.  If he can handle ocean waves lapping over his legs, and sand oozing into his diaper... he can handle anything.  Thus, we were able to spend a lot of time swimming with our cousins and their kids {who were so cute with Camden} and plenty of time on the beach with the whole Reay party.

  The Reay Clan

Zac has sunshine in his soul

Camden loved the attention, and specifically loves his Grammy and Gramps.  Totally captured in this shot.  Man, you are hilarious, Gramps!

Cute uncles...

It was a laid back weekend, as far as Reay Reunions go.  The theme was actually "YOYO" or "You're On Your Own"- hence the yoyo shirts.

Of course, the Reay sisters still had to throw a few activities together, and they turned out to be so fun {of course}.  There was a scavenger hunt for the kids.  They scampered around the beach looking for things like a snorkel, a seashell, a toy shark etc.  I can't wait until Camden is old enough to do these types of things.

And we had our annual sandcastle building contest.

The Edmonson family kicked our butts with their handmade flags, but it was fun.

We also ate out together a few times, one huge heard of Americans with lots of babies and cameras.  Once at Maré Blu--our favorite Italian restaurant {I know, who would expect?} and once at Pollo Luca's.  We borrowed a little high chair to strap Camden into and fed him mashed sweet potatoes so that he felt included.  But pretty quick Camden decided chairs were overrated.

 A Mexican man began handing out these balloon animals/swords to the kids out of nowhere.

Cam has a constant ring of drool on his shirt.  Endearing?

The pack mule.

We played cards with Grandma and Grandpa in their condo, we had late breakfasts and took early walks along the beach.  And by the end Camden was really loving the water, splashing and smiling that gummy smile with the two little teeth poking up from the bottom.  He loved the constant adventure {and he loved the hat we made him wear all weekend, hehe} but that's not to say the trip was perfect.  There was a night when we were up with Camden for two hours.  And after a too much sun and sand, Camden got tired and less than happy.  Little thumb sucker.

And his sunglasses may have been on too tight at some point...

Sorry Buddy!

BUT--we didn't want to leave.

Mom, can I take this hat off now?

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