Roy's First Father's Day

"It's not fair!  You guys get a Mother's Day and a Father's Day.  How come there isn't a Daughter's Day?  A Kid's Day?  So unfair."

Pretty sure I said that more than once to my mom and dad growing up.  Ahem... I'm so sorry, you guys.  At the time I didn't realize that EVERY day was kid's day and daughter's day.

And, as the circle of life continues, every day is Camden's day.  But it was nice to have him share the spotlight with his dad for just a few hours ;-).

Our big Oregon trip overlapped with actual Father's Day, so I jumped Roy a few days early.  Surprise!  I used scrap paper and made a little banner, then put some little presents into gift bags (that may or may not be from Cam's baby shower).

This gift was from Camden.  A book about babies and their dads, for them to read together.  

Roy, you are such a fun dad.  I adore your high pitched "baby voice" and how when you use it your eyes get all crinkly and full of love.  It's so cute how you always check on Camden when he's sleeping, and then report to me on his funny butt-in-the-air positions.  Watching you rock him to sleep, holding him against your chest, is one of my favorite wisps of moments that I've ingrained and sealed forever into the best parts of my memory.

Happy Father's Day, Roy.

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