Leaving the Workforce

Today my grandpa said to me, "So you're at home now.  How is it to be a woman of leisure?"

People are constantly asking me that kind of thing.  "What do you do with all your free time?"

Are they joking?  I'm really not sure, so I find myself torn between laughing and wanting to strangle them.  {Grandpa best stay at an arms length for a while.}  Clearly I don't have enough time to even write a blog post, much less eat kick back and be a "woman of leisure" watching reruns of The Voice and eating bonbons.  Luckily Camden just went down for a nap and I'm rearranging some priorities today.  That means I have thirty minutes to inhale a caesar salad and bust out a post.

Here we go...
The last few days at work were less than thrilling.  I just plowed through the normal paperwork, trying to get everything finished for the month, and wishing Eryn was there.  She was attending meetings in Phoenix while I stayed in the office to hold down the fort.  Although I love the guys in the office, they're not Eryn.

Let me tell you, Eryn went from co-worker to friend just ten minutes into my first day on the job.  Literally by the end of the first week we were creating Songifies about each other and laughing so hard I thought I'd die from lack of oxygen.  I love this lady, and I'm going to miss seeing her face through that little window every day.

It's impossible to be "prepared" for childbirth and motherhood, but Eryn got me as close to prepared as possible.  In the two years we worked together we had three kids between us both!  When I became pregnant she was the big sister I always wished for, giving me advice and answering even my most awkward questions.  I still beg her for mama wisdom all the time.  I feel so blessed to have found a lifelong friend in her.

Anyway, sorry I careened into a proclamation of love for Eryn... back to my last days at work.  The guys in the office did their best to see me off right.  They took me out to a restaurant that had a whole separate menu for vegetarians and vegans.  Thoughtful, right?  Especially for red-blooded, steak chomping men.

After each of the guys promised not to like my replacement as much as they like me, we all returned to our own offices.  I cleaned up, shoved my framed pictures and other personal items into the car, and left the workforce.  The next morning I awoke an official full-time mama.

I'll admit I was nervous about the transition, but it's been pretty awesome.  Definitely ups and downs, days I think it would be easier to be behind a desk--but there's nowhere else I'd rather be than with my cute toothless grinner.  Even if it is at an ungodly hour.

Now to take a bubble bath and paint my toenails--oh wait, there's the baby.  Guess I'll have to save these bonbons for later.  Gotta go!

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