Hey, I'm Still Growing

Call me a slacker.  I gave up posting monthly stats.  But I have been taking his picture on the 24th of each month, and it's fun to watch him grow.

He's getting heavy!  He weighs about 19 pounds now, in the 50th percentile.  But he's in the 90th percentile for height, and the 92nd for HEAD SIZE {thank you, Roy, for passing on your big brain}.  I'm thinking it is because of that enormous head that he is still a little wobbly on sitting up.

He likes to dance around the nursery with Mama, he likes Daddy to lift him up high, he likes snuggles with Grammy, and he likes staring at Uncle Zac.  Anything that makes a crinkly noise is the bomb.  Especially empty water bottles, a new favorite "toy."  He's drooling more than ever, and everything is thoroughly tasted: books, walls, cell phones, earlobes... everything.

He does not like to be left.  And yes, being ten feet away is absolute abandonment.

Smiling is still his number one hobby.  There have been so many times I've been busy doing something, I look down to check on him, and he's smiling at me.  Like I'm the most wonderful thing on the planet.  Does good for the ego!  Love this little stinker.

"Wait.  How's my hair?"

"This thing is sticky.  And tastes bad.  But my hands won't stop shoving it in my mouth."

"Look, Mama, I can lean forward."

"Too much, too much!  Help!"