Hey, I'm Still Growing

Call me a slacker.  I gave up posting monthly stats.  But I have been taking his picture on the 24th of each month, and it's fun to watch him grow.

He's getting heavy!  He weighs about 19 pounds now, in the 50th percentile.  But he's in the 90th percentile for height, and the 92nd for HEAD SIZE {thank you, Roy, for passing on your big brain}.  I'm thinking it is because of that enormous head that he is still a little wobbly on sitting up.

He likes to dance around the nursery with Mama, he likes Daddy to lift him up high, he likes snuggles with Grammy, and he likes staring at Uncle Zac.  Anything that makes a crinkly noise is the bomb.  Especially empty water bottles, a new favorite "toy."  He's drooling more than ever, and everything is thoroughly tasted: books, walls, cell phones, earlobes... everything.

He does not like to be left.  And yes, being ten feet away is absolute abandonment.

Smiling is still his number one hobby.  There have been so many times I've been busy doing something, I look down to check on him, and he's smiling at me.  Like I'm the most wonderful thing on the planet.  Does good for the ego!  Love this little stinker.

"Wait.  How's my hair?"

"This thing is sticky.  And tastes bad.  But my hands won't stop shoving it in my mouth."

"Look, Mama, I can lean forward."

"Too much, too much!  Help!"

California Here We Come

It was last minute.  Roy walked into the living room and said, "Some of my classes are cancelled this week."

BAM!  I got packing.

Carson and Shellena have been living in Anaheim while Carson is in film school--only seven hours away--and we've been dying to see them, just waiting for an opportunity.  We drove through the night so Cam could sleep without a peep.  Aaaand I may or may not have slept folded up in the back seat with him for the last half of the ride.  Thanks Roy!

At one o'clock in the morning we arrived, with sticky eyelids and bed head.  But seeing our friends gave us the adrenalin kick we needed to stay up another two hours, talking in quiet voices while the kids slept upstairs.  We just love these guys.

For me, the trip was perfectly timed; a nice segue into the full-time mama gig.  Every day I was with Camden all day and night, but I had Shellena doing her thang right alongside me with Story.  It was similar to when Andrea visited, except now I had the guts to venture out of the house.  And we did quite a bit of venturing...

Every single day we hit up at least one park.  We have some nice little parks down here in Sahuarita, but some of these in CA were enormous.

Story may not have remembered us when we first arrived, but Roy wasted no time in winning her over.  Again.

One of the parks had a copse of transplanted redwoods!  The short hike to see them was easy, even with little ones.  For part of the time Story rode on the nose of Camden's stroller.  She didn't seem to mind Camden scrunching his toes in her hair.

One day we mamas took our littles to Story Time at the Orange County library, where Story dressed up like a... who knows what.  But she's sure stinkin' cute.  Meanwhile, Camden drooled and smiled at all of the little people around him.

Beach day.  It did not go as planned.  I imagined Cam squealing in delight at the sand between his toes, watching the ocean waves while flapping his chubby arms... but uh.... he did not inherit my love for the beach, apparently.  His emotion was plain on his face.

Anyone else impressed by his bellybutton?  Yeah, chicks dig it, but we're hoping the herniated bellybutton heals on its own within the next 18 months or so.  Just thought I'd explain so no one assumes he has a tumor.

Granted, the weather wasn't ideal.  It was one of those cloudy days where you find yourself squinting, even though the sun is hidden.  And there was wind.  Perfect for the kite fliers on the beach that day, but not preferable for a baby's first beach experience.

A little editing to make it look like it was a bright summer's day, hehe!

"Mom, get me outta here!!!!"

In this picture it looks like I'm burying my baby in the sand.  I'm not.  I built him a little sand chair to sit up in so he could see Story and the ocean.  Yeah, that lasted about .2 seconds.

Story, on the other hand, loved the sand.

Who is that crazy man in the background with a towel over his head?  HA!

So Camden and I ended up spending most of our time hanging out on the blanket together.  Maybe he'll enjoy the beach a little more when he can sit up on his own and shove fistfuls of sand in his mouth.  That sounds fun.

The Downtown Disney excursion ended up being one of my favorite days.  We ate at a cajun restaurant where I ordered--get this--salmon.  Let's just say there aren't exactly a plethora of vegetarian options at cajun restaurants.  So... when in Rome, right?  Lucky for me, the salmon was delicious.  Ah-may-zing.  I actually love fresh fish done right, and they done it right.  Everything everyone got was good (though I couldn't bring myself to try the tiny deep fried squid with their little tentacles spread all over the place).

For dessert we had warm, fluffy beignets.  I could have eaten like 300 of those.  I only inhaled and choked on the powdered sugar once.  :-)

Shellena and I thoroughly enjoying the mardi gras themed bathroom.  

The rest of our night at Downtown Disney included window shopping,

an art gallery,

trying to break into the Disney vault,

watching a live singing competition,

exploring the Lego store,

I think Carson is being a hobbit

And we stuck around for some live music and dancing.  The people watching all brought their own folding chairs, and the people dancing were hardcore talented.  We swayed a bit.

This post could be forever long.  There was picnicking on the lawn in front of their home, conversations that kept us up too late, flower planting in the backyard, pajama walks, a hot tub run for the mamas, movie watching, general conference listening, good food, and baby loving.


We can't wait to go back!