If you wanted to know some random things about the Buckmasters...  Here are 50

1-     They love to talk about their dream home they are going to design and build themselves someday, where they will grow old together.
2-     She often forgets simple words and phrases like “post office” or “frostbite.”
3-     He is articulate.
4-     If she would let him, he would have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
5-     They like to read Charles Dickens together-preferably by a cozy fire.
6-     She nags him about chewing his fingernails.
7-     He wishes she wouldn’t hang used towels over the shower door.
8-     He only shaves once a week because she thinks scruffy is hot.
9-     When they were dating and went on their first hike, he held her hand all the way to the top of the mountain. 
10- The trail was really only wide enough for one person.
11- His second favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.
12- She loves fireworks, but hates hotdogs.
13- They picked out their engagement ring together on Hatton Garden Street in London Borough of Camden.
14- Their baby boy is named Camden.
15- She hiccups once a day.  Just one hiccup.
16- He calls it her “raptor cry”. 
17- It does kind of sound like an angry raptor.
18- He would love to go to bed at 7pm every night.
19- She jumps on the bed, tackles him, and they end up talking late into the night.  Every night.
20- They are best friends.
21- Sometimes they eat ice cream straight from the carton while they watch Netflix.
22- His hair is untamable.
23- She tries to tame it anyway.
24- They have a journal they pass back and forth to leave love notes in.
25- Last Christmas she got him a blender because he loves making fruit smoothies.
26- Every time he goes to make a smoothie the baby is sleeping.
27- The blender looks nice on the kitchen counter, though.
28- She taught him how to snowboard.
29- He taught her how to cook.
30- They used to teach Sunday School to a hilarious group of 4-year-olds together every week, and it was their favorite thing ever. 
31- She loves playing video games with friends.
32- Mario Kart and Goldeneye 64 is the extent of his gaming experience. 
33- He wants to keep it that way.
34- They made a New Year’s resolution to only have sweets on Sundays.
35- They aren’t very good at resolutions.
36- She wants to live in London {and for their kids to have British accents}.
37- He wants to live in small-town America. 
38- Their first kiss was during a romantic picnic, lying on a blanket in the grass. 
39- Unfortunately the picnic food was Chinese takeout so all she could think about was whether her lips tasted like soy sauce.
40- They frequently whisper and giggle-snort into their hands throughout movie theater previews.
41- He plays the guitar.
42- She sings in the shower.
43- They have a dozen potential boy names picked out for future children but can’t agree on even one girl name.
44- She’s always misplacing her phone.
45- He gives the best foot massages.
46- She likes to run.
47- He is running a relay marathon with her this summer.
48- They both really need to start training.
49- He makes her laugh.  Like a billion times a day.
50- Their favorite time is 7am on weekend mornings, when sunlight spills into their bedroom window and they bring their baby into bed with them to snuggle and play.

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