Our Toilets Are Clean

“Will you put him to sleep?”  Roy dangled the cranky baby in front of me.

“If you clean the bathrooms,” I countered. 

“If you put him to sleep, I will lick the toilets clean.”

Does this post need more explanation than that? 

Sleep training hasn’t been our favorite thing in the world.  Anything that causes hot little protest screams is on our list of Least Favorite Things about Parenthood.

Our little escape artist.

So once we finally got Camden sleeping in his crib, we would tiptoe around the house like there were explosive mines buried under the carpet.  Want to make something for dinner?  Forget about it!  Camden’s bedroom door is a mere three feet from the kitchen.  So we’d find ourselves banished to the backyard, eating cereal with our ant residents.  {We can’t seem to get rid of these guys.}

Yet Cam’s naps were still only 20-30 minute spurts! 

So we called in a professional.  After reading my Nap Slap post, an old friend contacted me to let me in on a little secret: she’s an infant sleep consultant.  GOLD!

She suggested a few changes to the nursery {blackout curtains, removing the airplanes over his crib, etc.} and it has made all the difference.  The kid is sleeping in his crib and not in anyone’s arms!  That is, unless Roy is feeling like a softy. 

Not every nap is perfect, but we’re making progress.  We’re talking 2-hour naps, people.  Oh yeah, he’s a champ.  I think the secret has been getting some really good white noise going.  We have an app on my iPad that plays white noise, and I plug it into an iHome and BLAST it.  The whole nursery practically vibrates with white noise, now.  He likes it.  We eat in the kitchen.

Now to master leaving the house.


So far we've had one successful family outing at the Tucson Festival of Books.  It was actually kind of grey and wet, which was a nice change for us down here in the desert.  It was fun to get Camden all bundled up for once.

I love these boys.

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  1. Maybe Camden doesn't like sleeping in the baby straight jacket anymore....